You & I

He was a model, I was just his photographer. That's all it'll ever be.


7. chapter 7

Alexis' POV

~one month later~

Pretty much a month ago, I decided to move in with Harry. I searched for jobs before I moved in with him though. But they won't hire me, at all. They would always say 'We are not hiring.' Seriously. Every one of them said they weren't. I don't understand why. But it's whatever. Harry said that I didn't have to get a job, I didn't want too. So I'm just going to wait awhile then look for job openings.

May I just point out that Harry's home is huge! I don't see how it was just him living in this huge house. It's like two mansions put together. I mean I should have known that his house was going to big but not this big! It's been a month since I have have been living here and I'm still getting use to it.

Today is a Monday and Harry got up before I did to make breakfast. He has people that make food for him but he chose to make breakfast this morning. I was woken up by Harry's automatic certains opening, blinding me because of the sun shining directly on my face. I pulled my pillow over my face.

"Good morning, love." Harry's maid said, causing me to jump out of my skin "sorry to startle you but Harry told me to open the certain and to tell you to down downstairs." I groaned and sat up. The maid nodded and walked out of the room. I stood up from the bed and stretched before walking over to get one of Harry's sweatshirts. I slipped the sweatshirt on and instantly smelt him. I threw my hair up in a bun and went downstairs. Surprisingly this house doesn't have an elevator, considering how big it is.

"Good morning, babe." Harry said kissing my cheek.

"Good morning." I smiled. "What did you make?"

"You'll see." He winked

"Tell me what it is. Is it pancakes? Waffles? Bacon? Oh god please say something!"

"You really don't like surprises do you?"

"No I do not. Now just tell me please!"

Harry just shock his head and walked back into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and waited impatiently. He knows that I don't like surprises. I don't really know why I don't like them, I just don't.

Harry came back into the dining, but he didn't have plates. "Where are is the food man?" I groaned

"It's coming woman." He chuckled. On que the chefs came out with tons of plates.

"Damn Harry." I laughed.

There was so much to eat. There was pancakes, waffles, strawberries, bacon, muffins, grapes. Put it this way, there was a lot!

After an hour of eating and talking, Harry and I decided to just have a chilled day and do nothing. Considering we have been very busy with moving and him working.

Harry sat down on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. "Come, sit." I looked at him like he was stupid "what?"

"I'm not a dog." I crossed my arms.

"Come here puppy!" He said in a baby voice. I giggled and sat on top of him. "Not on me." I didn't move. He sighed "Fine. Only because I love you." He pecked me on my lips

"Aww I love me too!" I said trying not to laugh. Harry playfully pushed me off him and started tickling me. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. "Ok!" I yelled gasping for air. "I love you too!!" Harry got off top of me and winked

A/N: Hey!! I sorry I have been updating!!! I have been thinking about having days that I would updat this movella on certain days and my other one on certain days as well. Like for this one I would update on Tuesday, Thurday and Friday. And my other one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Does that sound good? I will try and do that. And by the way, I am updating this on my phone so I have no idea how long this is. So yeah!


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