You & I

He was a model, I was just his photographer. That's all it'll ever be.


4. Chapter 4

Alexis' POV

Harry went back to his flat after we ate and watched tv for a bit. Now I'm here all by myself. It feels empty without Harry here. I laid down in my bed and stared at the ceiling until I fell asleep.



~Next morning~


I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I turned over on my back and drug myself out of bed to shower.


Once I was done with my shower, I walked over to my closet. I got out a white tank, a black cardigan, high waisted denim shorts, and grey vans. I went back in my bathroom and French braided my hair. I looked at what time it was. 9:55. Shit. I'm running late. I ran downstairs and out the door.  


I got to my car and realized I didn't get my keys and my bag. So I ran back inside and got them. 9:58. Damn it. Got in my car and drove to the studio. Hopefully my boss won't get mad.


I parked my car and ran across the street to the studio. I burst threw the doors. "Sorry I'm late." I said to my boss, who was standing at the door waiting on me. "Won't happen again." I looked back at him and he nodded. Thank god he didn't yell at me. Maybe because a lot of people were here.


"Alexis." My boss called after me. I turned on my heal and looked at him. "You better be done with everyone by 5." I looked at him like he was crazy

"Are you serious?" I looked at everyone around me. "There is only one of me and like 100 of them."

"Well you better get started now or you will get fired." he said coldly. I rolled my eyes and walked into the room to see even more people. Holy shit. How am I going to do this all by myself.


I looked over at dressing area and luckily they were here. I sighed and walked over to my camera. After I was done setting everything up, I yelled "Ok everyone! Can I have your attention!" they all looked at me. "Ok so there is only one of me today. The other photographers have a day off today." some people groaned and walked out. About 10. "So lets get started. Whose first?" Someone raised their hand and a mop of curls walked over. Harry. My cheeks burned as he looked at me up and down.

"Me." he walked up to me with open arms. He hugged me quickly and stood beside me.

"What are you doing?" I glared at him. He didn't answer me, he just sat down next to the table of food. I rolled my eyes and looked at everyone. "Ok whose next?" A girl in a bikini walked in front of the camera. Are we seriously doing a swim suit photo-shoot today? Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things?



It's 4:58 now and I am on my last person. Thank god. I'm so tired it's not even funny. "Alright thank you." I smiled at the guy that was changing back in his clothes. I sat next to Harry and laid my head on his shoulder. I was about to close my eye until my boss came in. I shot straight up and walked over to him.

"I'm impressed. I didn't think you could do it." he said with no emotion. I rolled my eyes. "Since you work all week except for yesterday. I am paying you today." He said handing me my paycheck. "I'm so impressed that I gave you a promotion."

"Thanks." I smiled widely. About time I get a promotion. My boss walked out of the room and I turned on my heal to close everything up.

"Oh and do you mind closing up?" My boss yelled from down the hall.

"Don't I always?" I yelled back. He chuckled and walked out of the building. I sighed and walked over to my camera. As I was turning it off, I felt arms wrap around me.

"Are you tired, love?" Harry whispered in my ear, making my shiver

"Yes, now if you'll excuse me I have to close up." I pried his arms off from around my waist and turned off the lights and walked to the door. "Are you coming? Or are you going to just stand there?" I giggled. Harry grabbed my hand, as locked all the doors.


"Do you want me to drive you home?" Harry asked as I unlocked my car.

"No, I'll be fine." I kissed his cheek and got in my car. I set my bag in the back seat and started the car. I was about to back up until I heard a knock on my car window. I rolled it down. It was Harry. "Can I help you?" I asked cheekily

Harry smirked "Yes, I was wondering if I could come over to your flat?"

"Umm, let me think about it." I rolled up my window and back up. I rolled down my window again "Yes you can come over." I winked and drove off.



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