You & I

He was a model, I was just his photographer. That's all it'll ever be.


3. Chapter 3

Alexis' POV

I woke up to someone sitting at the foot of my bed and cleared their throat.

'I figured it out

I figured it out from black and white

Seconds and hours

Maybe they had to take some time

I know how it goes

I know how it goes from wrong and right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight like us, did they ever fight like us

You & I

We don't know wanna be like them

We can make it til the end

Nothing can come between you & I

Not even the gods above can separate the two of us

No nothing can come between you & I'

I heard someone sing softly. I turned over and looked to see that it was Harry at the foot of the bed. I smiled.

"Good morning, love." Harry said smiling

"Good morning. By the way, you are an amazing singer." I said sitting up.

"Thanks. I wrote it one day." he said grinning. "Well I have to get going. Just thought you would wake you and tell you." he started to get up but I stopped him.

"Where do you have to go?" I asked

"I have to go visit my mum. I haven't seen her in a long time." He looked at me like he was about to said something but he just shook his head. We walked downstairs and I walked him to the door.


"Do you care if I come over after I visit with my mum." he looked at his watch

"Yeah that's fine." I blushed

"Great! I'll see you tonight. Maybe we can go on a date again." he winked before walking out of the door.


Today I don't have to go to the studio because I have a day off. I have noting to do all day and going to be boring. I turned on the telly and went to the kitchen. While I was making coffee, I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and looked through the hole. No one was there. I opened the door and Harry jumped out and scared me.

"Harry stop doing that." I said holding my hand over my chest. "I thought you were visiting with your mom?" I asked letting him in

"She wasn't there. So I came back here." he smirked. I smiled and walked back into the kitchen.



It's almost 7 at night and Harry and I are still on the sofa watching the telly. I guess you can say we were lazy today.


"Did you no have to work today?" Harry asked breaking the silence

"No. Today was my only day off this week. I go back tomorrow." I said still looking at the telly.

"Well, I will just have to make an appointment with you just so I can see you tomorrow." He said grinning. I looked at him and shook my head, smiling.

"Whatever you say Styles. I probably have a lot of clients tomorrow and I might not get to you." I said getting up and walked to the kitchen. I filled the sink up and started cleaning the dishes that were in there.

"Can I help you?" Harry asked grabbing a towel

"Yeah." I handed him the dishes so he could dry them.

"But seriously, I am going to do it." he smirked. I reached down and cut my finger with a knife.

"Shit." I mumbled

"What's wrong?" Harry asked worried.

"I cut my finger." I said holding up my finger so he could see.

"Stay right here." Harry picked me up and set me on the counter

"Where are you going?" I yelled

"Going to find a band aid." he yelled back



Moments later, Harry came back with a band aid. He put my finger under running water and carefully wrapped the band aid around my finger. He looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back.

"Thanks." I started to get off the counter but he stopped me.

"Alexis, since you're wounded," he said smirking. "We can have our date here at your house. That ok?"

"Yeah that'll be great." I smiled. I hopped down from the counter and I walked into the living room. Harry said he was going to make some tacos and told me to come in here.



It's now 8:30 and Harry said that he was almost done. I really like Harry. Not because of his money but because he is such a nice person. Not only that he is fucking hot. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Harry sat down beside me.

"Dinners ready." he smiled. "How's that finger?"

"It's good." I giggled.

"You know what would make it feel better?" he asked leaning close to me. "Some...TACOS!!" he yelled. I laughed as he pulled me into the dining room. He has it set up and everything. He's so cute. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down.


"Alexis, can I ask you something?" Harry said looking up at me. I nodded "Will my girlfriend?" I couldn't say anything but just nodding like a mad person. Harry jumped up from his seat and engulfed me into a hug. I laughed and hugged him back.



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