Loves past

Even death can't keep true love apart. Heather and Devon know that all too well. Loving and losing is just part of the game. Since the first time they met, there love never meant having a happy ending. Living life after life, loving, and losing one another over and over again; only Devon knows the price for their love. Can their love survive this lifetime? Or be doomed to repeat it's endless cycle.

P.S. Thanks so much to wifu my editor Caitie, who without her help, my grammar and spelling would be horrible (;
Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two:

   I shudder against the harsh Maine wind as it thrashes against my face, tightly wrapping my red coat around me in a feeble attempt at protecting me as I walk to my car. Why winters must be so cold is mystery to me. Slamming my door shut, I blast the heater on high, warming my small pale hands by the vent. Soon after, the glass that shields the outside world from me is clouded in steam. Tracing a branch of frost, I was mesmerized by the texture. Snow, it was such a simple thing, yet so unique. Each one that falls has a completely different pattern then the next, but they all come from the same cloud. Snow and people are similar I smiled as I came to the realization.

   Snapping out of my thoughts, safely tucking my camera under the seat, I set my old truck in gear. Driving through the winding trail; the snow was nearing two feet, constantly falling, always in motion. Another similarity to humans, smirking I focus on my drive ahead. Closing in near the tall hills I park on the edge of the dirt road. With my camera bag in hand, I trudge through the snow. I slowly turn my head upwards listening to wind whistle through the trees. Lowering myself into the cold snow, I lay on my back. Positioning myself in such a way I capture the sun glistening threw the falling snow.


   A perfect picture, I think to myself as I look at my screen. Turning my head to the side my eyes capture another perfect picture. Vivid reds and pinks are painted through the sky, the snow acting as a blanket on the dead grass below. Standing up, I walk as close to the edge as I can. Still not close enough, I frown. Glancing around, I smile in triumph as I spot a good climbing tree. Looping my camera around my neck I set my foot on the first branch.


   Looking down at the sudden sound, I abruptly move up to the next branch. Sighing out in relief I jump as I hear the sound again. Reaching for anything and everything to grip on to, dirt and snow pile under my nails. Icy roots slip from my grasp as a scream echoes back at me, My scream. Looking down the ground was nearing closer, I was much higher up than I thought. Wincing in pain I can feel my coat tightening around my neck. I was no longer falling I realized as I looked down, but I could also no longer breath. My vision was iced over by frost. Panic, panic was the only emotion I can feel. My body wanted to fight, but it had no fight left.

   In a last attempt at freedom, I grasped for the branch that held me captive, somehow I hoisted myself up, much too easily. A pair of hands grip my waist as I crash into a body. Landing in the snow I meet his eyes. Deep blue like the ocean, hidden hues of silver, faint traces of amber flecks. Shock radiates through my body. I almost died. I could be at the end of that ledge right now. Strangely I don't care. All I can think about is his eyes.

   "Are you okay?" He repeats frantically. Nodding my head, he picks me up holding me to his chest. "You're in shock and hypothermic." He explains his reasoning for holding me as he walks away from the ledge.

   "How did you save me?" I ask through violent shudders. Ignoring the question, he places me in my car, blasting the heat. Removing his jacket, he gently places it over me, holding me close. After the shudders calm to a slow stop, my breathing begins to go back to normal. Placing me in the passenger side, I look into the strangers eyes offering a light smile. "Thank you."

   "Don't mention it." He smiles back.

   "Can I know your name?"

   Laughing he looks down at the floor. "Well, let's go with Devon." He replies warmly. "And who might you be?"

   "Well, I'm the girl you saved, but you can call me Heather."

   "Well, Heather, I think in payment for saving your life, you need to say yes to this next question." He smirks, a small mischievous thing that in all honesty, is quite gravitational.

   "Oh? And that might be?" I raise an eyebrow quickly, eying my pepper spray.

   "Will you meet me at the Parkstate hotel tomorrow at six so I can take you out for a date?"

   "Well, a girl can hardly say no to her knight and shining armor now could she." I giggle, jokingly.

   "I take that as a yes?" He smiles, his eyes lighting up.

   "That would be correct."

   "Great, now, let's get you home so you can be well for tomorrow. Oh and dress in formal wear." He states with a devilish grin.

   What did I just get myself into?

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