Loves past

Even death can't keep true love apart. Heather and Devon know that all too well. Loving and losing is just part of the game. Since the first time they met, there love never meant having a happy ending. Living life after life, loving, and losing one another over and over again; only Devon knows the price for their love. Can their love survive this lifetime? Or be doomed to repeat it's endless cycle.

P.S. Thanks so much to wifu my editor Caitie, who without her help, my grammar and spelling would be horrible (;
Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


1. Chapter One


Chapter One:

Russia 1863

Dear diary,

   I saw him again today, the troops are being deployed in two days time. What will I do without him for such a long time? My family knows nothing of us; if they did it would certainly end badly. It is not proper for a lady to act In such a way without a marriage proposal. Is it wrong for me to act out of lovey? I pity the soul that knows no love. Without love, why would the birds sing or the sun shine.

   Certainly, those things happen without love would they not? Love only enhances what the earth has already given us. The world is filled with such shrouded beauty that only reveals itself to certain eyes. His eyes, however, are another beauty of it's own. Hidden in the deep blueness of his eyes hides hues of silver, with layers of amber flecks that are carefully scattered in such a way it looks almost painted. I wonder, does he think the same of my eyes? Would he stare into them for hours on end, perfectly content being lost in them?

   It is such a solemn thought to think my love be unrequited. I must not think in such ways, surely he would not have lied to me after all this time. Come tomorrow morning, we will say our final goodbyes, but goodbyes are often given when one will see you again, is it not?

         Love always,


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