Loves past

Even death can't keep true love apart. Heather and Devon know that all too well. Loving and losing is just part of the game. Since the first time they met, there love never meant having a happy ending. Living life after life, loving, and losing one another over and over again; only Devon knows the price for their love. Can their love survive this lifetime? Or be doomed to repeat it's endless cycle.

P.S. Thanks so much to wifu my editor Caitie, who without her help, my grammar and spelling would be horrible (;
Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


4. Chapter four

Chapter Four:


The brisk wind ruffled the white satin that lay on my skin. The soft material clung to my curves as it elegantly swirls to my feet. The strap lay daintily across my shoulders, resting slightly off of them. Slight shimmers of silver woven into the dress reminded me of frost over a fresh bed of grass. A warm breath trickled down my neck. Startled, I abruptly turned around. Devon greeted my eyes with a boyish smile sprawled across his face.


"You look ravishing." He claimed as his eyes raked over my body.


Quickly warmth ran into my cheeks turning them crimson. "Oh, why, thank you." I giggled as I took in his appearance. Dressed in a black tailored suit and silver tie that clung perfectly to his chest showing off chiseled muscle. Offering his arm, I gently took it.


"Ready to go, my lady?" He asked playing the part of a perfect gentleman. It was quite cute. His eyes sparkled devilishly with curiosity.


"Of course. Would you mind informing me of where we are going?"


"Now. Where's the fun in that?" He teased placing a kiss on my temple. He was right, why ruin a surprise? But truth be told, I only met him just yesterday, but if that was true then why does everything about him seem familiar? Could it be he has a common face? Or was it something I was missing entirely? Snow crunched under my sparkling silver heels. The small clicking sound echoed on the empty road. The cold did not seem to touch me. Huddled in close to Devon our warmth must have acted like a shield from the unforgiving weather. "Not to much farther."  He informed me with a smile.


My mind was going wild with curiosity. The location to where we were going was still a mystery. A large clear building graced my view; as we neared closer we could see the large amounts of flowers inside. The walls were covered in vines wrapped around flowers. It looked like some version of what I would imagine Adam and Eves garden to look like. Walking inside I can only imagine my face was a mix of amazement and wonder. Waterfalls hummed gently in the background. The warm air grazed my skin like honey leaving behind a cloud of water. Outside you could still see the snow and Ice. The contrast of winter and summer scenery was a perfect wonderland.


"Do you like it?" He spun me around so my body was now facing him.


"It's so perfect. It's like another world.." I exclaimed taking it all in. Grasping my hand he lead me to a table filled with sweet wine and delectable foods of all kinds. How did he plan all this? How did he even know I would show up? I wondered as the aroma of flowers and wine cloaked the air.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


"Heather, what were you doing in the woods when I found you?"


The question was asked suddenly. Our light hearted small talk had turned slightly dark. An underlying darkness hidden under his dominer.


"I was taking pictures.." I answered trailing off. As if he was expecting a completely different answer a small smile graced his lips.


"You had always liked to capture moments." He mumbled so quietly to himself the words had formed one steady stream of noise. But I had understood.


"I had always what?" I questioned.


"What? I didn't say anything." He answered all too quickly.


"Oh, sorry, I could have sworn I heard you say something." Moving to grab my hand a shock ran up my arm once as he grasped it. Looking at the waterfall a strange feeling overcame me. My body became numb, the familiar sensation of pins and needles blanketed my body. Fire. It surrounded me. I could smell it, feel it burning the skin of my bones. The putrid smell of burning flesh consumed me. The pain was so severe I no longer felt anything. Gasping for air smoke burned my lungs.


Heather. A voice called out. Can your hear me?


Looking around the scene I had just saw was gone, replaced by the calm tranquil one of the greenhouse.


"Heather are you okay?" Devon's frantic voice loomed over me. Grass prickled my skin as I looked up at his eyes. Hazely, I stumbled back on my feet. "Yeah.. What just happened?"


"You ran away screaming and when I caught up to you, you were on the ground gasping for air. Are you sure you're okay?"


"Yeah, must have been some weird panic attack.." I tried to reason out what had just happened.

It was real, I could feel it.


But if it was real, why am I still alive?


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