Loves past

Even death can't keep true love apart. Heather and Devon know that all too well. Loving and losing is just part of the game. Since the first time they met, there love never meant having a happy ending. Living life after life, loving, and losing one another over and over again; only Devon knows the price for their love. Can their love survive this lifetime? Or be doomed to repeat it's endless cycle.

P.S. Thanks so much to wifu my editor Caitie, who without her help, my grammar and spelling would be horrible (;
Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five:


Russia 1864


Dear diary,


I fear my mind has nothing left but small memories, small snaps of what my life used to be. My dearest regrets on not talking to you the past year... You see, mother, she.. she sent me away. I'm only now just allowed to see my family. A whole year of no human contact. If my mind had not been lost it surely is now. I cannot live this way any longer, my heart, it aches, throbs every moment now that I know my dear Anton was just a figment of my imagination.


I plan to ease my pain come tomorrow morn. I have planned this for a long time coming. The time has finally come. I had said my goodbyes to my loving family this afternoon, though, they do not know this goodbye was forever. Mother, I know that by the time I'm gone you will have this diary in your possession. I'm sorry for the vile things I have written in here, as you were never meant to see it. Will you please tell Phoebe that even though I'm gone I will always be watching over my little sister. Tell Ryan nothing of me, as he is too young to remember me anyhow; spare him that pain. Tell Papa I love him dearly, know that this is not your fault. It was meant to end this way.


Love always and forever.




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