Through the dark

"shut it!" my abusive father yelled at me before kicking me in the ribs, I don't know how much more I can take of this, it's killing me..literally! My arms are decorated by cuts, scars and bruises and my body the same. I have to take a chance I have to run...
But what will happen when the boy i run into has chocolate eyes...


3. It's every man for himself

I scrambled up the wall trying the get over it when the footsteps stopped, i healed my breath trying not to make any noise, i turned my head to see if he was there, and there he stood he was facing forward when suddenly his head shot to face me he started sprinting right towards me, I threw myself over the wall to get away. "JAY!" he screamed "it's every man for himself!" i shouted back "you can't hide forever" 

*Zayn's p.o.v*

"go and grab the pizza" louis shouted at me from the other room "alright, alright im going" i said and walked out the door grabbing my hoodie, as much as i love what i do and the fan, i just sometimes wish that i can go out without being recognised sometimes. I was walking past an alley way when someone jumped over the wall and ran straight into me. we both went flying "are you alright?" i asked them, dusting off my clothes. i heard no reply so i looked up to see a girl about my age sat on the floor crying "hey, hey im sorry, are you alright? where does it hurt?" i asked her soothingly, I saw her flinch when I crouched down next to her and she backed away quickly "i'm not gunna hurt you doll" but she continued to back away. I watched her as she tried to stand up and walk, but her ankle buckled underneath her, i ran and grabbed her arms so she didn't hit the floor before i placed her down gently. "thank you" she said her voice hoarse. "no problem doll" i bent down to pick her up bridal style when she shrieked "what are you doing?!" she said trying to push me away. Her accent hitting me, "calm down doll, im gunna help you" i replied "oh" her thick Irish accent making me smile. I noticed a black mi bag on the sidewalk so i went over to it "is this yours?" i asked her, she nodded. I picked it up and handed it to her "what's your name?" I asked her "umm.." she looked kind of nervous at first before answering "uh Jay" she said quietly "well t's nice to meet you Jay i'm Zayn." she smiled a fake smile and nodded. Suddenly a flash of lightning followed by a loud boom of thunder rung through the streets, when i felt a pair of small hands grab onto my arm.

*no ones p.o.v*

Rain started to pour down on the two bodies sat on the side walk, as he got up to pick her up he wondered what had happened to her. As his hand touched her back she realised there was something there. Blood. 

*Jay's p.o.v*

"what happened?!" Zayn said shocked. I remember what happened now, just when i jumped out the window i looked at my dad he had something in his hand, i didn't quite see what it was but i know now, it was i knife. when i was climbing over the wall i felt something sharp hit my back, cutting it. He must have thrown it as he was running towards me to try and stop me. I looked away from Zayn not wanting to answer his question. I felt my eyes start to close and i soon fell asleep to the sound of his beating heart in his chest. Although I don't know this guy, i'm thankful, thankful that he helped me. If i didn't run into him i don't know where i would have gone. I know he doesn't care about me, and as soon as he knows im better he'll just kick me out on the streets again, heck i don't even know if her going to help me! He might just beat me like my father does, but i guess he couldn't be worse. Oh well it's not like i want to live anyway. Nothings worth it. Maybe one day something, maybe ever someone will change my mind.

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