"Niall there's something you need to know" I whispered into his ear. He turned and looked at me, his blue eyes making contact with mine.
"What is it babe?" He asked, not breaking eye contact
"I'm.... i'm..... I can't do this anymore!" I exclaimed
"What?" He asked, I could already hear the pain in his strained voice. He understood perfectly well, he was almost in tears.
"I'm sorry Niall, but i'm fed up of being hidden. I can't be your little secret anymore. I'm sorry but.... It's over" I replied bluntly, trying to hide any emotions. I heard the sobs escape him as he whispered my name.
'No!' I told myself. It's over. It's for the best.
It has to be right?


3. Hi, you must be the....

Roses P.O.V


The week passed slowly. All Lily went on about the whole time was One Direction. But today was the day. I knew Niall was going to realise. It was obvious. She looked so much like him.

"Mummy, we're meeting them today, we meeting them" Lily shouted happily as I sorted her hair out

"Lily, stop wiggling" I said and she just laughed.

"Sorry mummy i'm excited" She said, but stopped jumping anyway.


When we were both ready we got in the car. We were meeting them at their hotel. Fancy right. Lily played with the dials on the radio. Only stopping when she found a station


'Written on these walls are the stories that I can't explain

I leave my heart open, but it stays right here empty for days,

she told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones,

it seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone'


I groaned. All the bloody time!

"Mummy the hotel!" Lily exclaimed pointing at the magnificent building. I sighed and pulled into the car park.

"Mummy, hurry up" Lily shouted at me as I undid her seatbelt. She hopped out of the car and jumped up and down at my side. The smile that appeared on her face when I finally locked the car was amazing.

"Come on then, lets meet them" I said and she squealed with delight. We walked into the reception

"Hi. I'm here with my daughter for the One Direction meeting" I said with a smile.

"Name" She replied glaring at me

"Rosaline Fletcher" I said, still smiling

"Proof of identification" She groaned as I handed her my passport

"2nd floor, room 202" She mumbled and I grabbed Lilys hand and we started to make our way UP. We found room 202 straight away. I nervously knocked on the door.

"Hi, you must be the... Rose?"

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