A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


4. What gives you a clue?

I eat the pizza and the granola bar. I pull out my phone. Olivia texted me. She actually lives here in England.


Hey what's up?


Oh you wouldn't believe me if I told you.


Give it a shot.


I happen to had participate it a auction where celebrities buy models for a day. And I was bought early and I happened to some how be bought forever. You know. With my parents dead and living in the apartment the agency bought me. Also no boyfriend.....


Why would someone buy you forever. Unless they want to rape you.


Hold on I have more to tell you,


Well tell me.


I was bought by  One Direction.


OMFG!!!!! Wait. Are you in London with them or are they in NYC?


I am in London. So I was thinking you could stop by the house and not have me be alone with Niall and Harry. That is if you're still single because the rest of the boys are out with their girlfriends.


Ofcourse I'm still single. I will be right over.


Don't you need the address.


Oh yeah forgot that part.


Here you go. (insert the address here. I'm not gonna make up one)


Thanks I will be there at two. See you soon. Bye.



It was one o'clock already. I run down the stairs and go into the living room.

"I'm assuming that the others will be out all day." I say.

"And night. Their going clubbing with out us." Harry says with a pout.

"Why do you all of a sudden care?" Niall asks.

"It oh so happens that I have a friend that lives here in London and SHE is coming over in a hour." I say.

"Is she single?" Niall asks.

"Very." I say. Then Niall gets up to change. "You not interested?" I ask Harry.

"I am more interested in you." He says with a wink. I roll my eyes.

"You're stupid." I say and I start to walk past him to change the channel and he grabs me by the waist and pulls me on to his lap.

"I'm the reason we bought you." He says in my ear. I try to push myself off of him but his grip is to strong.

"That just gives me more of a reason to hate you and like the others." I say.

"Sucks for you doesn't it. Because I like you." He says and then he kisses my cheek.

"Just let go of me you flirt. Besides. Why would I go out with you?" I say.

"Because I can make your life a living hell." He says and lets go of me and I get the remote and change the channel. I sit in a chair and say.

"If I go out with you. Will you get me a tv in my room?" I ask.

"Anythin for you. You have till the end of the day to decide." He says as there is a knocking on the door. Harry yells at Niall that Olivia is here. I go open the door. I see a short dark red haired girl(dyed) with olive colored skin. She was wearing a black sweater that said "photography" on it with skinny jeans.

"God I missed you so much." I say and I hug her.

"Same here." Olivia says as we pull out of the hug and I relalise she has a bag. We walk in and I say.

"I think you're planing on staying the night."

"What gives you the clue?" She asks. And we both laugh walking into the living room.

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