A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


11. Video game master

Ok I'm gonna write you guys a Niall chapter. Here it goes.

I can't believe that I will live forever with Niall or Harry. I mean out of all people. So anyway. The rest of last night was a bit of a blur. But I made it to this morning. I slowly get out of bed and look at my phone. I had a text from Olivia.

Meet me at Starbucks at ten. No excuses.

I replied

Fine. I have to bring a friend. Aka I'm bringing Niall. No hooking up infront of me. Please.

She answered imediatly (I think I spelt that wrong)

I'm not planing on it. It felt like he was eating me when kissed him. Please. That is unattractive.

The sad thing is he probably was. So I simply answered.

Yeah. Totally unattractive. I will see you at ten. Bye.

She says bye and I put my phone down and looked at my clothes. I ended up in a peachy colored shirt with black leggings and brown boots that went up just below my knees. I brushed my hair and put a black beanie on it. I gabbed my phone and kinda sorta ran down stairs. Almost falling on my face. And there was Niall sitting on the couch.

"Your up early. It's like nine am." He says.

"I would say the same. So look. I need a ride to Starbucks and Olivia is gonna be there. Can you take me." I say.

"Uck. Olivia." He says.

"Wait. What? I thought that you liked Olivia." I say.

"I did. Until I smelt her blood. It was like the sent of poo. So when I kisses her I kinda tried to eat her but I couldn't cause she smelt so bad." He said. I thought he was trying to eat her.

"At least I know that she won't be eaten anytime soon. So anyway. Will you take me to Starbucks." I ask.

"Yeah. I can. And I supose you need me to tske you to your modeling job and pick you up." He says.

"You're too smart for me." I tease.

"Well what if I take you laser tagging afterwards." He says.

"Are you asking me on a date." I say.

"Kinda. If Harry is ok with it. I know he kinda claimed you." He says.

"Harry threatened me to go out with him. I think he can live." I say. "Is he even here?" I ask.

"No we are the only ones here." He says smiling. And I smile too. His smile makes me want to smile. You know it kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Lets go to Starbucks." I say and I pull him up off the couch and I get my bag. We get in the car and drive. We finally get to the Starbucks that Olivia wanted to meet at. We walk in and I spot her. I tell Niall what I want. And walk over to her.

"Hi Alli." She says looking up from her drink.

"Hi. I'm ready to model." I say sitting down.

"Yeah so why did you throw me out of the house yesterday?" She asks.

"Well the other boys didn't know that you slept over and they got really mad and made me throw you out." I say. Yes I lied but would you prefer me to say 'it's because they wanted you for breakfast'

"Oh. Ok." She says.

"Hey Niall." I say as he sits down with us. And he says.

"Hi. Here is your drink and hello Olivia." He says with a fake smile on his face. I knew it was fake because I made him laugh in the car on the way here with a cheesey joke. Olivia nodded her head as she drank. The whole rest of the time were with each other was just. How do I say this. Akward. When the pictures were finished along with various interviews We said our good byes and Niall and I went to his car.

"You looked sexy. By the way." He says. My hair was curled and I had makeup on from the photoshoot.

"So you're saying that I don't look sexy right now?" I say. He says

"No I mean that you looked hot durning the photoshoot." I start to laugh as I try to be serious.

"No. No. I know what you mean." I say and he starts laughing.

"You look hot all the time." He says and I stop laughing. That got akward quickly.

"I love this song." I say turning up the radio. It was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

"Yeah. Great song." Niall says. We get to the place when the song ended. We walkout of the car.

"Um. Niall." I say.

"Yeah what?" He asks getting concerned.

"I'm kinda hungry." I say. I haven't ate all day.

"Oh yeah. Sorry." He says and we go to the consesions. I get two pieces of pizza and a large coke. He gets one piece of pizza and a medium coke.

"Don't eat to much." I tease.

"Shut up. I'm noat actually hungry." He says.

"That's actually nice to know that your not planing on eating anybody." I say as I eat the food.

"You know as a model I thought you would be 'watching your figure' like all of the crazy skinny people." He says. I roll my eyes.

"Yeah. I'm not. And I am defenitly not a twig like half of the models. I'm just right." I say.

"Yeah. Just right." He says smiling.

"You ready for me to beat your ass at laser tag." I say putting on the blue vest.

"I thought we would be on the same team." He says with his red vest on.

"No. We will not be." I say.

"Than it is on." He says and we both start to laugh. He goes into his side of the arena. I guess you call it that. And I go on mine. I register with my team and we start. I decided to attack the red. I got a good amount of points. Until I was kidnapped. It was aloud in the game. And I didn't know who took me. I was expected to be taken in to the kidnapped room but instead I was brought in a corner. I was pushed up against the wall. And the person started to kiss me. Pushing me harder against the wall. They lick the bottom of my lips as they ask for enterace. I let them in. They pull away and I can breath again. This person was a really good kisser. And I couldn't tell who they were right infront of me. Until they whispered.

"That was fun. We should do it again."

"Yeah Niall we should." I say biting my lip. "But first." I shoot him and I run.

"Not cool!" He yells. Good thing we are in public. He can't use his really fast thing. The game ends after I shot at least the entire red team three times. And was never hit once. Yes. I am secretly a master at laser tag. We go out to the room and I put my vest on the rack. Someone comes up behind me and whispers.

"They want to see you at the front desk." I turn around and kiss Niall on the cheek.

"Ok." I say and I walk over to the desk.

"Are you Alli?" The man says.

"Yeah. Why." I ask.

"Well you just beat the game. Three times. We just called a gaming magazine and they want you on the cover. But I gotta say. I thought that you would look less attractive." He says. I roll my eyes. That is what every body thinks. I actually rule at video games. And back in New York I won abunch of video games and was on over twenty covers had over thirty interviews and all. And laser tag is close enough to video games.

"Thats what they all say." I say signing a paper and giving the adress to the house. I slide the paper to him.

"Wait. Are you the Alli Harries?" He asks. I laugh alittle.

"Yeah. I am." I say and smile.

"It's an honor to meet you." He says shaking my hand.

"Yeah yeah." I say. "You want an autograph?" I ask He nodds and gives me a piece of paper. I sign it.

"Thanks." He says.

"Yeah. Bye." I say and I go to Niall in the car.

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