A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


25. The Grand Finale

"Its time Alli, you look to young to be 24" Niall says to me.

"You look to young to be 25." I say. I look down at the silver ring on my finger. Niall glances down at it and grabs my hand. We were in a car. He was driving to Louis's house. He didn't tell me why, but I think I figured it out, to ask how we should leave this place for awhile. "We are going to Louis's to ask how to go, aren't we." I say glancing at him. He nods and squeezes my hand as he says

"It will be okay. I promise. Remember after this happens we can get married and be queen and king." I give him a small smile.

"Right." I say. We arrive at Louis's home. We knock on the door and he opens it.

"You told her why you are here, right?" Louis says as we walk in. Niall nods. We walk into a room with the three others. I sit as Louis says "I know it isn't the happiest of occasions but it has to be done. And due to the fact that we are all famous this makes it harder. So I say, group camping trip that we don't come home from. That is the easiest." I sigh a little. I really don't know if I am ready to do this. I love it here. I grew up here. These guys have done this several times before.

"When we going?" I ask.

"Now works for me." Harry says.

"Lets do it." Louis says.


We are at the campsite. It is literally in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere... the perfect place to just... disappear.

"So what we do is make it look like we have been here for a while then leave." Louis says, and that s exactly what we do. We set up five tents, a fire pit (which we started a fire in), I brought a bunch of empty drink cans, plastic water bottles, boxes, beer, etc. I started crushing cans with my feet as I made a circle around the area Louis told me to do. Making it look like we were here for days is hard work. Harry was tending the fire, Louis was finding wood, Liam we doing stuff with the food, Niall was in charge of the clothes, Zayn was helping Louis and I was crushing cans, boxes and plastic everywhere. We were actually there for two nights. It wasn't easy but we did it.


This is it. Everything changes today. Today I get married, today I become a queen, today I become a wife. I look down at the white gown I have on. Some random person puts the tiara on me. I grab the blood red flowers and I look at myself.

"You look amazing." Sarah says to me as I prepare to walk down the isle.

"Thanks." I say. Next thing I know I am walking down the isle and Niall is smiling at me. I half smile and look around.

This is it. My grand finale.

Here is to my old life.

Here is to a new one.

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