A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


20. Somewhere else

This chapter is in Harry's Point of View

Niall and Alli just got Coronated. Alli looked really really pretty but I can't have her. I lost my shot. I was wearing a tux. I woke up in it. Anyway there is this after party. Well ball but these things always turn into a party. Basically it's just a fancy house party to put it. I walk in and I see Alli and Niall walk down the grand stairs. I may as well look for some hot vampire chicks. I walk around and I spot a strawberry blond from across the room. I make my way. Crap. She is with Alli. I walk over anyway. This girl is in a black dress. Full length, tight too. She has on silver earrings, necklaces and heals. I am now by Alli, Niall and this girl.

"Hey prince and princess." I say. And the girl just stares at me with her green eyes. Like emeralds. They are beautiful. She will be mine.

"Hey peasent." Alli teases. Niall laughs.

"Come on." I say.

"Fine." Alli says. The girl shifts next to me. Is she shy or something?

"Well we have plenty of other people to-'' Alli is cut off by the DJ yeah. I told you it was like a fancy party. Anyway the DJ says

"Time for the prince and princess to dance. If the four friends could bring their lovely ladies to dance they may everyone else watch." I look at the girl.

"Harry." I say.

"S-Sarah. She says.

"Well Sarah would you care to dance?" I ask her.

"Isn't only for the prince and princess' friends?" She asked. "Ohhh." I nod as she got it.

"So?" I ask.

"S-sure." She says and I extend my hand and we walk out. The music starts and the boys and I laugh. It's Little Things. We have this choreagraphed dance that Sarah just has to go along with. It's not your average slow dance. We finish our thing and the party continues. I get to learn more about Sarah and I see Alli whisper something in Niall's ear and he nods. The two get the others and walk over.

"We have to go to the regular world now. Everyone expects a huge thing to go down for Alli." Niall says. I lean and whisper in Sarah's ear

"Come with me."

"I don't know if I can." She says.

"Why not?" I ask.

"Because I recently went missing in the regular world." She states.

"How recent we talking?" I ask.

"Twelve years ago." She says.

"Thats not so recent." I say.

"Faces stay in the media along time. Concidering the character." She says

"What was the fake name?" I ask.

"Linda Harries." She says. I nod and I search the name on my phone. It read:

'Linda Harries, sister of the famous Alli Harries went missing on December 25th 2002.....' She was Alli's sister no, fake older sister. There was a picture of her with brown hair, her eyes blue with contacts, and her hair cut short.

"How did you pull off bring fake?" I ask.

"Well her dad was a vamp and he let me stay for a while but I disapeared before Alli could notice I wasn't ageing." Sarah explains.

"How did she recognize you now?" I ask her.

"She could tell because one of her new powers is recognizing people." She says.

"Any others?" I ask.

"She can control anyone with her eyes, read minds, go into nightmares of humans and control fire. A gift from Satan. Literally." She says. Oh. Yeah Satan was her dad's best friend I forgot.

"Well you look different enough from this picture." I say.

"Fine I will come." She says. I look at the date of the website. Wow. Yesterday. Ok. I take Sarah with me to the world. When you travel you change back into the clothes you were in when you left the world. We arrive back and land in the living room of an old house.

"What is this?" I ask and I see Sarah in a pair of sweatpants and an old T-shirt. Which is really old by now but looks brand new. Alli and Niall are here two. Niall looks just as confused as me. Only Alli and Sarah know where we are. The two look at each other. I notice that Sarah has the blue contacts in. But her hair is still long and Strawberry blonde. Then I relize. We are here not be cause of them but someone or something else. But who- or what?

Ok this turned out longer than I expected but it worked. Now please please remember to





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