A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


8. Lovely

The next thing I knew is that I was surounded by blackness. I think I fainted.But I could feel and hear everything around me. I felt Harry carry me on to a couch I think. And I heard this conversation.

"You IDIOT she wasn't suposed to know that!" I heard Louis yell.

"Well SHE asked me after I told her thst we can't go out with humans and she asked me what about her. And I told her you already are." Harry says.

"When she asked you did her face go blank?" Niall asks. He could see some one's last thoughts be for they died or before they became a vamire or be for they like passes out. All by holding their hand. It's kinda creepy. And How did I know this? Even creepier.

"Yeah why?" Harry asks. "Is it important?"

"Uh. Remember when her parents died and we kinda caused it..." Niall mumbles. He WHAT!?!

"Yeah." All of the boys say.

"Well her mom told her that she would be the ruler of a kingdom....With her true love for ever..." Niall says letting go of me.

"So. We know she thought her mom was just going insane. What about it?" Zayn asks.

"Holy Sh-" Louis starts.

"She just relized who slash what she is." Liam says.

"Yeah." Niall says.

"When will she open her eyes?" Harry asks.

"Ehh.. right about. Now." Niall says and my eyes open. I sit up to see the exact thing I pictured in my head.

"Soooooooooooooooo. I'm the ruler of what?" I ask. Liam clears his throat and says.

"All of the vampires. In the world."

"Great." I mumble geting up.

"So wait you heard us?" Zayn says.

"Yeah she did. She was still aware of every thing just her eyes didn't open. It was a delayed reaction on her eyes. A sign that..." Niall says hoping some one will know the answer.

"I'm changing." I answer.

"Yeah." Niall mumbles.

"So wait. Don't you guys go threw a horrid change. Like screamming in pain..." I say.

"Well yeah." Harry says.

"But you were born this way because your dad was a halfling as I call him. He was a vampire but never drank blood so he would age and no vampires do that. Only if they have a child that child will have that gene and will be a human untill they turn 19." Louis says.

"And you will slowly chaning in a non-painful way a month before your birthday which is exactly one month from today November 25th." Liam says.

"Well. Shit." I say.

"Soooo now that the cats out of the bag. Any questions?" Zayn says.

"Yes. Will I live forever?" I ask.

"As long as you posibly can. Look Louis. 5000 and he look 21." Harry says. I roll my eyes.

"How do you live that long?" I ask. "You know. Cause of the whole. You can't age thing."

"Well you start off as young as posible. And you go off from there. You're hair still grows so you can change it. And the boys still grow facial hair. So we can go for a while. But when we start to look too young we have ourselves banish from the earth for a while. Hang out in the world of vampires over looking the humans.You know that in there we don't have to drink human blood so we serve as over lookers. Protecting you guys. Then we shake uo our image alittle, add contacts. take out contacts. Colored obviously. Put on glasses shake up the hair style. The little things can do alot." Louis says.

"Ok. I say taking it all in. "And a do you know who my true love is?"

"Yeah. Niall or Harry." Zayn says.

"Oh. Lovely." I say and gag alittle.

Hola people. So you know the drill





I haven't gotten any comments. I would like to know what you guys think of the book. Or if it's just to good for words. Probably not but oh well. So write for you tommorow. Bye, Loves.

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