A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


5. Lets get it started

As we walk in the two glance over and I say

"Boys this is Olivia. She is staying the night with us."

"Hi." Olivia says. I give her a weird look. Then Niall jumps up and yells

"HI! MY NAME IS NIALL HORAN AND I AM CURRENTLY SINGLE!!!!" Then Harry and I both crack up. He falls on the floor laughing and I am curled up into a ball laughing. Once our laughing fit is done Olivia introduces herself to Niall. In the same way...

"HI! I'M OLIVIA AND I AM ALSO CURRENTLY SINGLE!!!!" Harry and laugh but not as hard this time.

"Well. I will leave you two alone. Come on Harry." I say and I take Olivia's bag and Harry and I go up stairs.

"Those two hit it off." Harry says as I throw the bag on to the guest bed.

"Alittle more than I acspected." I say leaning agains my bed room door. Harry mimiced me on his door directly across from me.

"So did you decide yet?" He asks me.

"Why do you think I wanted them alone?'' I question back.

"So we could be alone." He says with devilish eyes.

"No so I could think so bye." I say and I get off my door to open it.  I sit in my bed and start to think...

*Awhile later*

I was in deep thought when someone lightly knocks on my door.

"Come in." I mumble. They walk in. It was Olivia.

"Hey." She says with a small smile.

"Hi." I mumble sitting up.

"Look. I really ment this to be time for the two of us to catch up. Not time that  I would spent with Niall. Granted it is The Niall Horan from One Direction." She says. "To be honest I expected you and Harry to be sucking some face right now." I give alittle laugh.

"No, it's comepleatly fine. Harry had me think about something. I did need some time alone. But now I'm done." I say.

"What did he have you think about?" She asks.

"Nothing that important. I just had to get back to him before midnight."

"Well now that you're done thinling. Lets get this sleepover started." She says and she pulls me off of my bed and bangs on Harry's door.

"Yeah. Lets get it started." I mumble under my breath.

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