A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


23. I want to show you something

"Happy Birthday Alli." Harry says and then walks out the door. I stare at the box in my lap.

"Why are you so complicated." I say.

"Why is who so complicated?" Louis asks walking in. I lean back on the bed and shove the box under my pillow so he won't question it, or worse. Make me open it. That I really don't want to do.

"I think it will be complicated living two very different lifes." I say.

"I can see where you are coming from but if I could do it for 5,000 years, you will be fine." He states.

"Yeah but at least you grow facial hair. I grow the hair on my head an that's it." I say.

"At least you don't have to shave everyday." He says.

"I guess that's okay but still..." I say.

"So say that you needed glasses and go to a store buy some fake glasses." He says.

"I could do that. Thanks. Or I could fake my death soon." I say.

"Yeah you can do that. But keep in mind that you have to stay low." He says.

"I can go to the vampire world and live there. I am princess. Honestly I just want to leave this planet." I say.

"First of all you don't leave this planet it's more like we rule as ghosts. Just not really here but here. Second, it is your 19th birthday so go out and enjoy it. And I don't care if what Harry said to you hits you where it hurts you will have fun. Now. Get ready the boys and I have a show to go to in an hour." Louis says, then kisses my head and leaves. I walk to the mirror. I wonder if I can change my look.

"Curl hair." I say and in the mirror sure enough my hair becomes just the right amout of curly. It looks nice. Then I personally apply makeup and close the door. I walk back to my bed and pull the box out. It was to big to be a ring, to small to be a necklace. I open it. Inside was a paper that read:

Meet me at the park later tonight. I want to show you something ;).

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