A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


14. I choose you

Alright my little cupcakes it's time I reveal who Alli picked..... No. I'm not telling you now. You have to read. Ok ready set... Go!

I honestly. I have been locked in my room for two almost three weeks only comming out to eat food and avoiding Harry and Niall. It's not the easiest you know. They keep on bugging me. I have like ne week left till I become a vampire and I have to choose who I want today. But I'm not saying squat till Midnight. It's like four in the morning right now. Louis told me that as I slowly progress toward a vampire that I will slowly lose the desire to sleep. So here I am at four in the morning. I get out of bed and I walk toward the door. I have made up my mind already incase you were wondering. I slowly open the door. I was releaved to see a note. It read

Dear Alli,

The boys and I have an early morning interview today. I hope that you have choosen wisely. Just keep in mind that you will be with this fellow for eternity. And we will be back in time for lunch.


Louis xx

A least I won't be with them till like noon. I walk down stair and make myself some breakfast. If you were wondering my breakfast consisted of one piece of buttered toast. That's it. So i walked into the living room and ploped on to the couch and watched tv. Well tried to anyway. Everything was basically crap. I really hate to do this to my friend but I pick up my phone and text Olivia

To: Olivia

Hey! I hate to wake you but I woke up and I can't go back to sleeeeeep. The boys are gone untill Noon wanna hang?

I was surprised when I got a text back right away

From: Olivia

Hey babe! U actually didn't wake me up. I fell asleep at like two pm and I kinda can't go back to sleep so yeah I'll hang with u but I think u should come to my house. Never know I might get kicked out of house again.

To: Olivia

Great! I'll be right over. But I kinda need ur address.

From: Olivia

Haha. Oops here it is *Insert address here to lazy to make one*

To: Olivia

See u soon xx

I put down my phone and run upstairs. I have actually gone like main stream because I hang out with One Direction. But never one at a time. You know the dating roomers. I mainly hang out with Louis and Liam. Because I can. So anyway I pull out a pair of black skinny jeans and a long sleeve red crop top. I leave my hair normal and put a beanie on it. I put on a pair of red ankle boots and grab my phone and Louis' car keys and leave. He said I could barrow his car if I ever needed it. I hop in to his car and drive to her house.

*skip to night at the One Direction house because I'm lazy*

I am sitting in the living room. Louis is next to me and Niall and Harry are standing a cross from me. The others are down in the basement playing games.

"It's time to choose." Louis says.

"Ummmm how about no?" I say.

"We all know you choose already. Just not who." Louis says.

"True. I have." I say. Can you tell that I am stalling? Because I am. You know I am kinda hungry. I think pizza would be very good right now. Ooh maybe I should have some pizza with bacon on it. Yes that sounds very good right now. Food. Foooooooood.

"Yo! Alli Harries. Earth to Alli!" Louis says. Snapping his fingers infront of my face.

"I don't want to say it." I mumble.

"Don't. Point then say." Louis said. I wonder what Harry and Niall are thinking right now

*In Niall's thoughts*

God I'm scared. I want her to pick me so so badly

*In Harry's thoughts*

I swear to God she better pick me. But if she picks Niall I'm not going to do anything. God just point all ready.

*Back to Alli (You like my stalling?)*

Ok here we go. Gonna point. Gonna lift my hand now. Or maybe..

"Come on!" Louis yells.

"Damn. Fine." I say and I slowly lift my hand. And I point. "I choose you.."

Dun Da Da! Ha ha ha! Just Kidding. Stalling more. I just don't want to end this with a author note so... yeah. Tell me your reaction. Alot of people wanted this guy. Comment. Like. Fav. Fan. Back to the story....


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