A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


24. Gotta love Alli

I walk out of my room presentable. I am in the same clothes I had on; red skinny jeans, a pair of black converse, black sequin shirt, and a red jean jacket. I make my way downstairs when I was pulled into a hallway.

"Just so you know you sure as hell better be at the park tonight or I will rain my pain on you and Niall." Then as soon as Niall is said I am let go. Obviously that was Harry but I just shake it off and walk downstairs again. We all eventually get to the venue.  I walk out of the van that we were all shoved in holding hands with Niall. He whispers

"Why are there so many paparazzi?" I smile and once we get inside I say

"Because you are a international super star. That's why." I am asked to leave the dressing room and I do. I decide to hunt for Sarah.

"Sarah?" I ask and she pops out and says

"Hello Allison." I roll my eyes at her.

"Look I want to know if you are dating Harry or not." I say.

"Yes and no. He explained to me how you broke his heart and all that junk so I felt bad and joined him in this world. Man may I say this place has let it self go. Man this is horrible." She says shaking her head.


"I meant that I prefered the world when I left. You people are all just texting and not reading books like I love and you know that. Everything is so digital it discusts me." She says.

"Then leave." Someone says walking up behind me. "If you don't like me and you don't like it here then leave." It is Harry.

"Gladly. Hey Allison I come back and hang out with you later. I think I am gonna go to that little cottage that I saw in the woods. Peace out Harry." She says and then flashes out.

"Okay then. Well did not see that one coming." I say.

"Yeah whatever. Sorry about earlier see you later. I have to go perform." Harry says as the others walk on stage. Niall kisses me as he walks by. I smile and cheer from the side. God why is everything so complicated. Suddenly in the middle of the concert I hear my name called out. Zayn was singaling me to come out onto the stage. So I walk out and use my hand to block the spotlight in my eyes.

"I happens to be this lovely girl's 19th birthday!" Louis shouts. Resulting in screams "And I am twenty-two as of yesterday." Resulting in even more screams.

"Lets all sing Happy Birthday to her." Harry says. Infact the whole arena shout/sing/more of shouts Happy Birthday to me with the boys. I laugh and walk off.

"Gotta love Alli." Niall says.

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