A young model was supposed to be in a show that you can have a model for a day. But instead she is bought for....well. Ever.


19. Coronation

I wake up and I am in a room I have never seen before. I stand up and look into a mirror I'm in a red dress. It is covered with red jewels. What the heck?!?!?! It is pretty though. It is to the floor, fits me perfectly and is tight; lets not forget that part. It has long sleeves covered is sparkles, but the sleeves start at the shoulders other than that the dress is sleeveless. Like it is made to be sleeveless and the sleeves were sewed on. There is a long jeweled train too. I'd say about five feet. Ok maybe not that long. Then I look at my hair. Perfectly curled. My nails are blood red like my dress. My make up done perf- wait. I lean into the mirror I have no make up on. Well other than eyeshadow and red lipstick. I look at my whole body now. I would never have been able to get in this dress by myself. I look like a queen. The door opens. And I see someone I have never met before.

"Oh good! You're awake! The ceremony will start in five minutes." They say.

"Um. What ceremony?" I ask.

"Your Coronation as princess." He says.

"Ok. Why not queen?" I ask.

"You are not married yet." He answers as-a-matter-of-fact like.

"Oh. Where is Niall?" I ask.

"He will be come prince as you become princess ok.'' He sounds annoyed now.

"Ok. What day is it?" I ask.

"December twenty-fifth your birthday. Happy nineteenth birthday. Now come with me. You wasted your time asking stupid questions." He says pulling my wrist.

"One more question. How long was I out?" I ask.

"About an hour." He says. I nod as he leads me through the castle like walls.

"Are we in a castle?" I ask.

"That's more than one question but yes." He says.

"Thanks." I say. He explains what I have to do as we walk and I see a very impatiant Niall.

"Thank God! I was worried sick. Nice outfit." Niall says.

"Thank you." I mumble. He puts his arm out and I hear very loud music cause the chatter to stop. It was like the 'welcome to your death' music.

"Niall where are we?" I ask my voice in a whisper.

"The vampire world." He says. We get to the altar thing and we take the stairs up to this platform thingy the guy talks alot then he makes me say.

"I Alli Harries promise to watch after every vampire in the universe and come when needed." Niall says.

"I Niall Horan promise to help watch the kingdom with Alli Harries and come when needed." He bows his head and a crown/not really crown is placed on his head. It basically looks like a tiara for guys. Then that guy who I annoyed with quesions comes up carrying a tiara made of rubys and I bow my head as he places it on my head. I lift my head and Niall puts his arm up and roses are throw at the two of us.

Ok I hope you liked the update. I'm gonna do a short one to introduce another character. Ok and everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment.

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