Friend Zoned 2

Liam and Kylie are best friends in college together. When Liam decides to join the football team, a new girl catches his eye. Victoria - the tall brunette with green eyes and is also on the cheerleading team as head captain. As their friendship begins to fall apart, will Kylie do anything to fix their friendship or will she move to California to let Liam see what he's leaving behind?


4. No Words

Finally it was semester break. I awoke that morning and went downstairs. My parents were working, obviously. I poured myself a glass of juice and closed the fridge. The house was oddly quiet, but it always was when I was left alone. There was a sheet of paper on the counter. It must be from my mom. I was right.

I went upstairs, wondering if Kylie would like to go out for breakfast so we can talk over things. When I knocked on her door, there was no response. This was odd. I knocked on her door for the second time and still there was no answer. I wondered if she was still sound asleep, but she would wake up and hear my knocking.

I checked the door knob to see if it was unlocked, it was. I opened the door to find that the room was empty. I figured that she must’ve gone somewhere. It was only 10am. She’ll be back. I thought to myself and went downstairs to make some breakfast.

As soon as I finished my breakfast, there was still no sign of Kylie and I was getting worried about her. I took out my phone and called Michaela. “Hey Liam.” Michaela greeted me on the other end. “Hey, have you heard from Kylie?” I asked her.

“Yeah, she’s over at my house. I think it’s best that you give her some space Liam.” she said. I nodded, knowing that Michaela was right. I was also relieved to know that she was safe. We both hung up the phone and suddenly the door bell rang.

I walked over to the door and was greeted with three familiar faces - Louis, Harry, and Zayn. “Hey Liam! It’s good to see you.” Louis smiled as we embraced in a hug. After greeted all of them, I let them in the house and closed the door behind them.

“Niall told us about your run-in with a girl named Victoria.” Harry said as we all sat down on the couch. “Yeah, wish Niall could be here.” Zayn said.

“Also, we heard about you and Kylie.” Louis added. “These are rough times.”

“Have you two spoken at all?” Zayn asked.

“I think we’ve grown more distant since I met Victoria.” I answered.

“Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good.” Harry said.

“Thought you were going to ask Kylie to be your girlfriend.” Louis said.

“I was.” I said.

“And then Victoria came along. Snatched you right out of Kylie’s grasp, didn’t she?” Harry asked jokingly.

“Now’s not the time for jokes Harry.” Zayn gently back-handed Harry across the arm. Harry playfully rubbed his arm, mouthing the word ‘ow.’ Louis rolled his eyes, slightly shaking his head. My actions exactly. I thought to myself.

“I think what you should do is tell Kylie the truth.” Harry said. From the times that I’ve hung out with him in high school, he was never known to be with one girl. Though, I had to admit that the small piece of advice that he attempted to give was a start.

“I’ve tried to, but she keeps on shutting me out.” I said. We talked for a few more minutes and decided to go out for lunch. Niall met up with us at the restaurant. “Yeah, I’m starving.” he said, joining us at the table. Typical Niall. I thought with a smile.

“Have you talked to Kylie?” I asked him.

“I was just at Michaela’s house earlier. Kylie’s hurting.” he answered. It was at that moment that I felt guilty for everything I’ve done, but it was she who persuaded me to join the football team even though partly it was my decision to join.

“Is there anything else?” Louis asked. I was glad for the guys being here to back me up whenever I was in trouble. If they weren’t here, I wouldn’t know what else to do at this rate. “Well, there’s Kylie now.” Zayn said, looking towards the direction of the entrance.

Kylie entered the restaurant along with Kim, Michaela, and a few other cheerleaders. Victoria wasn’t amongst them. “Now’s your chance.” Harry said as the girls sat down at a large table. “I don’t think that’s a good idea mate. I can’t just walk up to her with her friends-”

Even before I could finish my sentence, Harry had gotten up and made his way over to the girls’ table. The rest of us would occasionally glance over from time to time, seeing that Harry still has the ability to talk up a storm with the girls.

I thought he’d lose the streak, but I never really doubted Harry. He walked back over to our table and sat down. “So…?” Louis asked.

“Kylie hates you.” he said.

“That’s all you got out of that?” Zayn asked.

“Kim is a very beautiful girl.” Harry smiled, waving over at Kim who blushed and looked away. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more later.” he added. I rolled my eyes, slightly shaking my head. Harry was hopeless.

. . .

The weeks passed and Kylie finally came home, but we hardly talked when sitting down at the dinner table together. On some days, we’d eat together and on others, separately. Our conversations that were once full of laughter were now full of utter silence.

The guys were still around for the remainder of Winter break. I would see them when summer comes around. Kylie and I would never be in the same room as each other. If I were in the kitchen, she’d be in the living room. If I were in the living room, she would be in her room. It’s like we hardly knew the other existed.

There were a few times when I tried to bring up the truth about Victoria, but she wouldn’t hear it. She close herself from me and from everyone else, except those that she called her “closest friends.” I wasn’t one of her closest friends anymore.

Christmas and New Year’s weren’t the same. In just two weeks, we were going back to school. I was going to finally set things straight with Kylie. Those two weeks passed by fast, but once I entered class the day we came back from break, Kylie didn’t sit down beside me.

Kylie’s POV.

Niall and Michaela entered our classroom. Michaela came over and sat down beside me, leaving Niall torn between the two of us. Eventually he decided to sit by Liam, maybe because he didn’t want Liam to be lonely. I couldn’t blame Niall. He and Liam have been best friends for a long time.

“Are you going to talk to him?” Michaela asked, glancing towards Liam’s direction. I was still mad at him for being with Victoria, but all the jealousy was gone. Now I was just hurt. “No. It’s all my fault for telling him he should join the football team.” I said.

“Don’t feel bad Kylie. It’s not entirely your fault.” she said.

“Yeah, but if I hadn’t told him that I wouldn’t join the cheer team unless he joined the football team. It was my fault from the beginning.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’m transferring to California some time this semester. I’m fed up with Victoria talking about him. In many ways, she can be a bitch.”

“How do you think Liam will feel about it?”

“I don’t care what Liam thinks. I don’t think he’ll care about the fact that I’m leaving. He’s one of the popular jocks in the entire school. They all talk about him like he’s MVP or something.”

“So you’re quitting cheer too?”

“Yeah, it seems like it.” I sighed, then class began. I could barely concentrate on the lesson our math teacher was teaching us. I was too busying thinking about Liam. If I move to California, it was going to be for the best. There was no use in trying to fix our broken friendship.

I couldn’t compare to Victoria. She was popular, more beautiful than me. After class, I was sitting on the benches of the quad when I saw Liam and Victoria walking across the lawn. It was the middle of the semester. The sun was out and the grass was slowly turning green.

They were holding hands. Liam looked a lot happier with her than with me. I kept my head down as they passed by me, hoping that they didn’t notice me. “Hey, I heard you quit. Why?” I dread Victoria asking me that question. I didn’t want to answer her.

I grabbed my stuff and stood up, facing her. I completely ignored the fact that Liam was standing beside her. “It just wasn’t working for me.” I answered.

“Not the same as high school. I know.” she said.

“No, exactly the same as high school but I was a much better head cheerleader than you.” With that being said, I walked away leaving Victoria with a look I would never forget.

“No one has ever talked back to Victoria before.” Kim said, surprised after I told she and Michaela what happened at the quad. The three of us were having lunch when Julian and Niall walked over. “Hey ladies.” Julian smiled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

He was just being friendly as I shrugged it off, smiling. “Heard you showed Victoria who’s boss.” Niall said.

“Yeah, it felt great.” I smiled. After school, I drove back to Liam’s house. It was the last night that I’d be spending with him. If Liam and I were still friends, we would spend the rest of my last hours hanging out together without anyone - just us two.

I was in my room packing the last of my clothes. It was late at night and everyone was asleep. I was thinking about leaving a note to say that I was leaving, but I think it’d be better that I leave without saying a word.

The next morning, I left early as I took my bag downstairs. I opened the front door and exited, closing it behind me. I walked out to my car, put my bag in the back seat, and got in the driver’s seat. I looked at the house one last time before driving out, watching it disappear behind me as the tears streamed down my face.

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