Friend Zoned 2

Liam and Kylie are best friends in college together. When Liam decides to join the football team, a new girl catches his eye. Victoria - the tall brunette with green eyes and is also on the cheerleading team as head captain. As their friendship begins to fall apart, will Kylie do anything to fix their friendship or will she move to California to let Liam see what he's leaving behind?


9. Epilogue

5 Years Later.

It was our anniversary, the day we became best friends. I was taking Kylie out to the most beautiful restaurant in Los Angeles. Kylie had gotten her dream job and I had gotten my dream girl. It was the best five years I've ever had in such a long time. It was that during these five years that I am dating the most beautiful girl in the world, Kylie Carlton.

Kylie, the girl with blonde hair and beautiful hazel eyes; the girl who was the head cheerleader on the cheer team; and the girl who grew up to become a wonderful veterinarian to many pets, including our own.

In so many ways, she amazed me. She would surprise me with the littlest things to show that she appreciated me, and I have done the same to her. We arrived at the restaurant, entering through the doors. A group of our friends were gathered around the table - Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Michaela, Kim, Dani, Erin, Victoria and Julian.

Harry and Danielle were still dating; the guys and I were surprised that Dani accepted Harry's past, allowing herself to finally be with Harry after ignoring him in high school. Dani had been going to the University of Texas and finally decided to go to UCLA with Harry.

Erin, like Zayn, was going to NYU but is also continuing to date Louis. I didn't think that they would become a couple after high school, but I guess everything worked out for the best. Kim and Julian had finally gotten around to dating each other. Both were thinking that it wasn't going to work out, but Kylie and I had persuaded them to date.

Kim, after all, was a perfect match for Julian - at least that's what Kylie thought and she was right. Niall, during our Junior year, had finally managed to ask Michaela out. It was about time they dated since they have been friends since our Senior year in high school.

Victoria had been Zayn's soul mate. Their younger sisters have gotten along great and the two of them are planning on moving in together in NYC. They brought out the best in each other and I was glad that my two friends were matched up together.

As for Kylie and I, we moved into an apartment together outside Los Angeles. We have just gotten a puppy together. "Why did you invite us to the restaurant Liam?" Louis asked. Everyone was anxiously waiting for our big news. We just wanted to wait until the gang was all here in California.

They still didn't know about my private proposal to Kylie. "Yeah, don't keep us waiting Liam." Harry said. Kylie and I looked at each other, wondering which one of us would say the news. My eyes told her that she should be the one to announce the engagement because it was her to show off the ring.

We both knew that we couldn't keep the gang waiting any longer. "Well, just recently, I proposed to Kylie." I said.

"And I said yes." Kylie finished, holding up her left hand to show the ring. The girls gawked at the beautiful diamond-cut ring, asking her where I had gotten the ring. The guys congratulated me on popping the question. It was typical reaction from our friends.

The girls were talking about wedding plans, about who was going to the bridesmaid and the maid of honor. I knew what idea the guys were cooking up. "It's about time." Zayn joked.

"Yeah, you've loved this girl forever." Julian added.

Upon our announcement, a cake was brought out to our table and champagne as well. It was definitely a night to remember, for all of us.

~The End.

Author's note: I apologize for the epilogue being short, but hope you all enjoyed!

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