I Know You but You Don't Know Me

Belle Washburn is teen desperate for something to happen to her. Harry Styles is a popstar teen waiting to go under the radar. When they meet they both get what they want.


2. Summer Freedom

Belle's POV

I grabbed my stuff and bolted out faster than lighting on steroids. I'm kidding but I ran out fast after saying goodbye to friends and teachers. It was hard to say goodbye to my math teacher since I had her for two years. Tears were flowing but I wasn't going to let it ruin my summer. I just had to leave it all behind and not look back.

I took one look back and headed out the doors. It's hard to leave the place you've been going to for the past four years. And to try and remember the thirteen years you were there. But to tell the truth I couldn't be more excited!

Walking along the side streets, it was pretty quiet. Well, until one of the jocks drove by with a car load of cheerleaders in the back. They were off to party. I was off to the Dorstop restaurant with my friends. As soon as I could find them.

I took the path back to the school looking for Lydia and Mackenzie. It didn't take long. They were still walking out the door. They were a little upset that they'll never see their favorite teachers again. I even think Mackenzie was tearing up!

"Come on you nerds! It's summer! We are finally free after thirteen years of hell!"

Mackenzie looked up with a tear in her eye, "Yeah. But what about all the teachers we had fun with? Won't you miss them?"

"The very few that I had, yes I will miss them. What about you Lydia? At least you ain't tearing up. Let's get to the Dorstop and then to the pool!"

She smiled, "Let's go start summer!"

"Now that's what I'm talking about! Summer!"

We ran the entire way to the Dorstop even though it was on the other side of town. We didn't care because we were seated right away! Which is a rarity since the Dorstop is so popular!

I had a chicken sandwich. Lydia had a BLT. And Mackenzie just had a Caesar Salad. Just as we started eating the lunchtime crowd started rolling in. Soon it was hard to hear.

"So are we going to the pool next?"

They both answered in unison, "What?!"

"I said are we going to the pool after we're done here?"

Lydia heard me, "Yeah, sure. We just got to get our stuff. But I really don't feel like walking."

That's true. Even though our town is small, it has a lot of hills. And when it's super hot, you feel like you're hiking in the desert just without any sand. Then I had an idea.

"We can walk to my house and I can drive you guys around. Then we can go over to the pool."

Mackenzie smiled with lettuce in her teeth, "Good. Then let's get going. But first, let me take a selfie."

If I was a good friend I would have said something about the lettuce but I'm not! I would let her figure it out on her own.

"Okay, let me get this on Instagram. Pick a filter. #firstsummerselfie!" She looked up. "let's get going if we're going to get a parking spot. Why are we just sitting around?"

Lydia and I laughed. Pretty good way to start off summer!

Harry's POV

I think we are finally being told were our stops are on our summer tour. I hope it's all along beaches. I can just get to relaxing and do nothing else. Except singing, of course.

Niall came into the room. And of course he was eating his nandos. And the others came filing in and Zayn came in last.

We were talking about what places we hoped to go to in America. Liam was hoping for beaches like me. Louis wanted to go to the bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles. Niall would go anywhere if it had food. Zayn would retry much go anywhere as long as Perrie went with him.

Just as our conversation ended Simon came in with a clipboard.

"Hello boys!"

"Simon old boy how ya doin?" Louis sat up like a little school boy when the teacher came in.

"Hello Simon." Liam answered like an adult on a business trip. Why do you think we call him Dad?

"Want some food, Simon?" Niall and his food.

"Vashappening?" I never understood what Zayn says.

And then it was my turn, "What's up Simon? Where are we going on tour?"

"You read my mind Harry." He held up the clipboard. "This is the list of cities you'll be going to on tour."

Come on beaches!

"You'll be heading to LA, Seattle, Miami, Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach, New York City, Boston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, and more will be added on as time goes on. So how do you like it boys?"

Louis was excited to go to New York. Liam and I were excited for some beaches. Niall knew there was going to be food. And Zayn knew he and Perrie would have a great time.

So this tour can't be that bad. Maybe I'll meet a pretty girl, too!

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