Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


4. Chapter 4 - Before Death




I wish I'd just killed the damn girl. Ines is mad, I know it. I can feel it. She's mad at me, she's mad at Arvid and of course mad at that bitch Else-Beth. 

Ines wants to kill her, and there's nothing I can do about that. I want to help, but what can I do? Else-Beth is older than Arvid. That means pretty old. And Ines is nothing compared to Else-Beth, so I fear for her. I fear for my love. What will she do? How will she do it? I have no clue, but I still wonder. I think about it. Over and over. I lie in my coffin in the basement and wait for the death to kick in. And by that, I mean sleep. It's just what they call it. Because sleeping as a vampire, you simply die. Even though we are dead ... It's hard to explain. I don't know what time it is, and I don't really care. I can hear nothing now. It's all quiet. Too quiet, but clearly it is, because I'm in the basement. Ines sleeps in her room in a huge bed. She doesn't like sleeping in coffins. It reminds her of her past, which she doesn't want to think about. 

She's told me something about her past, and it hurts me. Deeply. Before Arvid turned her into a vampire, she was a slave. It was her previous husband who used her as one. He tortured her, raped her, hit her and all kinds of cruel things. His name was Pierre. That name burns the tongue. That name makes her remember, because she will never forget. 

It was the year 1265 when she was still human. She lived with Pierre; her rich husband who would do anything for her. At least that was what he said, but did he keep his promise? Hell no. They lived in a huge castle, filled with servants. She didn’t like her life. Of course she didn’t. Her husband was a psychopath draining her of happiness every day. The torture was every day. The beating was every other day. She couldn’t handle it. She met Arvid, a mysterious man who was kind to her. The first man who said, that she looked good. Who said, that he loved her. Those words were kept in her thoughts. She was drawn to him in a strange way. They had an affair. It lasted for months, but one day, Pierre found out. One day, he found one of Arvid’s letters. It drove him over the edge. He beat her up more than once in one day. Then he threw her in a coffin. He hid her where Arvid couldn’t find her; he buried her alive. Arvid was furious. He tried to get into the castle, but vampires can’t enter a human house (or castle) without an invitation. Pierre was safe and Ines was gone. Arvid did everything he could. Pierre stayed in his house night and day, but then one day. One day when the sun was up. When the sun was at its highest, Pierre went outside of his castle thinking he was safe.

As the strong vampire Arvid was, he did what he had to do. He showed up in daylight. Pierre knew what he was, but he didn’t expect Arvid to show up. Right when Pierre got outside, Arvid appeared in front of him. He grabbed his neck and lifted him up. Then he ran into the castle again with Pierre, searching for a safe place to be. Quickly he found the basement, and that’s where he went with Pierre. He let go of him.

I remember the tears running down Ines’ cheeks as she tells the story.

Then Arvid gave Pierre three seconds to tell him where Ines was, or he would put him through torture worse than what Ines was put through. Pierre of course said where Ines was, but then he was struck down by Arvid; not killed.

When Arvid found Ines he couldn’t help but shed a tear for her. She was in deep pain. All her emotions in one. She was covered in dirt. Arvid had no choice. They had talked about their future, but it wasn’t so serious. She was near death. The real and silent death. He did what he had to do: Turn her. She couldn’t really do anything about it, and she began to accept it after a couple of months. And then Arvid told her something, which gave her a smile on her face.

He’d held Pierre prisoner in his own castle. Arvid let Ines do the job and finish the son of a bitch. Pierre was her first blood, but killing him wasn’t the first thing she did. She tore him apart. First the fingers. Then the hands. Then she drank from him until he died.

Suddenly death took over and my eyes closed.




I came back to what I call life. The life as a vampire. This was my second night in my new life. My beginning. I knew that by now, Ines was up. She had to meet up with Else-Beth to talk about the first blood. I didn’t know anything, except how she looked. Ines hadn’t even told me her name.

I rise from the coffin and look around. Arvid suddenly appears. What is it with vampires and their speed-walk? It still scares me a bit when they appear. ‘’Come,’’ Arvid says. ‘’You can help me, whilst Ines is with Else-Beth.’’ What? I have to help him. ‘’What do you need help with?’’ I ask. He doesn’t answer. He just walks out of the basement and I follow him.

He goes into some kind of archive. I don’t really know why. ‘’I’ll just wait.’’ I say. I stand in the hallway. He comes out with a little box. It says Elizabeth on it. ‘’Who’s Elizabeth?’’ I ask. Arvid seems calm and friendly now, which I don’t like. It’s weird. He looks at me and hands me the box. ‘’Your first blood,’’ he says. I give him a strange look. ‘’She had this box with her when she was brought to the castle. Ines said she put it in here, before she took off with Else-Beth.’’ Arvid says and we go down the hall and take a left. ‘’You can let me know if you find anything of worth in that box. I’ll go hunting now.’’ Arvid says and pads me on the shoulder. It is very weird. Why is he like this? Why is he friendly? I thought he was a psycho. That’s what Ines has been telling me ever since we met each other.


I enter a small room. I think it’s the smallest room in the castle. It’s got a table, two chairs and a little candle. It lights up the room, actually. I place the box on the table and sit down. I take off the lid to the box and see what’s inside. There’s a necklace and a piece of paper. Why would Ines keep this?

The paper is actually a letter. A letter from someone named Charles. Who’s he? His name’s Charles Lawrence of Eastern Bellpond. He’s some royal human apparently. Maybe he knows where this Elizabeth is?

The letter is a love letter.


I read the letter two times. This man could become my new best friend if he helps me find Elizabeth, or he could become my new enemy. I don’t know what kind of power he stands with. But then again, I am a vampire. He’s no match for me.  Just a simple human.



Later when Arvid returns, I tell him about the letter. Arvid sounds concerned about Charles. Why would he be concerned? ‘’Stay here,’’ he says. I nod. ‘’Ines will be back soon.’’ He adds, but then I say: ‘’Who?’’ And I mean it. Who’s Ines? Arvid’s face changes. He can’t really understand. Suddenly he slaps my face and I remember who she is. Why I just forgot her is still a mystery. 

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