Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


3. Chapter 3 - The Hunt



The Hunt

I sit outside Ines' room. Arvid is angry. I can hear him yelling. Ines is mad too.

''You could not wait, could you?'' He yells. I hear it clearly. I can almost feel the anger from the room. ''Spare me your shit Arvid!'' Ines yells. ''You know how I feel about him.'' I can avoid a smile. She's defending me. ''You turned him into a vampire! That makes my control over you disappear. The bond between us is no more!'' Arvid says. ''This doesn't mean I don't love you,'' Ines says. There's a short break. I hear her.

                      She sits down and says: ''You need to let me enjoy this.'' She says. I hear his footsteps towards her. He grabs her hands and kneels down before her. I can hear him moving. ''So you still love me?'' Arvid says. He's manipulating her. Ines have said, that he's good at that. With 2211 years behind him, he's learned a thing or two.  ''I will always protect you, child.'' Arvid says. I hear him kiss her. It hurts me, because I know she doesn't want to kiss him. Her lips are for me. Ines takes a deep breath, even though there's no need for it. ''So,'' she says. ''What are we going to do about that first blood? Someone has taken it. The body.'' I listen carefully. This is something I need to hear about. ''What if he didn't kill her? She could've escaped through the window.'' Arvid says.  He sounds worried. ''No, she was too weak for that. I drank from her too.'' Ines says. She sounds secure. ''You know what'll happen if that girl is turned into a vampire, right?'' Arvid says. Ines gets up fast. ''Yes I do! Don't you think I've thought of it a thousand times already? But why would someone turn her into a vampire? We don't even know who took her!'' Ines says. She moves over to the door but stops. ''That girl, the first blood, will have a bond with André. A bond stronger than nothing you've ever felt towards anyone,'' Arvid says. I can hear Ines. She's still breathing. ''He'll start forgetting you. He'll forget everything. The bond will grow stronger, if that girl turns vampire.'' I hear Ines move over to Arvid. ''She will not become vampire!'' She yells.

I get up. Some guards are heading down the hallway. ''Relax, child,'' Arvid says. His voice is calm. Ines doesn't say anything. ''I shall see what I can do. We must find that girl.'' He says. I look at the guards. They too are vampires. I wonder how old they are... Weird thing, but I couldn't help but wonder. ''I'll go now.'' Ines says. ''Go hunting with your new child.'' Arvid say. They kiss again. Suddenly the door opens and Ines comes out. I still feel her anger. I move over to her and take her hands. ''Come on.'' She says. 


The moon is glowing. It lights up Moonlight City. A few people are out in the open. A big mistake. Ines and I wait in the shadows. The trees hide us as we notice a horse carriage on the road. Ines looks at me. My throat feels dry again. That look she gives me is a sign. Go for it, it says. She smiles. This is my first hunt. I don't really know if I dare. Can I really do this? Kill people. ''I don't know if...'' I say, but Ines stops me. ''André, you can do this. Remember this: They are nothing. Nothing but blood bags for you,'' she says. I look at the horse carriage. It's close now. I hesitate. ''Do it.'' She adds. The thing about humans being blood bags... I remember that as I move over to the horse carriage. I hear hearts beating. There are three humans in the carriage. I look back at Ines. Her eyes are cold without emotion. This is something I must do. It’s part of who I am now. I suddenly move over in front of the horse and decide on what to do next. It takes about 2 seconds to decide. I grab the horse by the neck and snap it. It gives a loud sound and I hear the humans talk. Suddenly the door to the carriage opens. A man gets out and looks at me. My fangs appear. ‘’What are you doing?’’ he asks me gently. Then he sees the horse. It falls to the ground. The man’s eyes are wide and his face is angry. ‘’What have you done?!’’ He yells. I stare at him with my dark eyes. They have probably changed to red. The anger in me grows. The man runs towards me, but I’m fast. I grab his neck and lift him up. I stare him in the eyes. I suddenly feel nothing. No emotion. How can I do this, I think. ‘’P-put me-ee down!’’ He yells. I pull him closer and rip his throat open. The blood comes out like a fountain. I drink from him. Suddenly a woman exits the carriage with a little girl. I drop the man. He's dead. ‘’Oh no!’’ The woman shouts. The little girl begins to cry. I feel wide awake, but suddenly my emotions are back. What have I done?

Suddenly Ines appears. She grabs the little girl and the woman. ‘’Look into my eyes,’’ she says. What’s happening?

I look at the girl and her mother. They stare at Ines. ‘’You haven’t seen us. Your father,’’ she says and looks at the girl. ‘’And your husband was attacked by robbers. That’s all you remember.’’ Ines says. She looks at me, and I nod. Suddenly Ines punches the girl and the woman.

‘’Did you just hypnotise them?’’ I ask. Ines takes the woman’s gold. ‘’It’s a vamp-thing.’’ Ines says and look at me. 


Suddenly her eyes close. ‘’Arvid,’’ she says. ‘’He’s summoning me.’’ I look at her with a weird face. ‘’I thought he couldn’t do that anymore.’’ I say. ‘’He can’t control me, that’s correct. But he can still summon me.’’ She says. I fear that he’s angry. ‘’But maybe this is our chance,’’ I say. ‘’Our chance to escape.’’ She looks away. She doesn’t answer. ‘’A long time ago, you promised, that when I was turned… we’d escape. And never come back.’’ I say. That was our deal. Arvid’s too dangerous to be around. Ines fears him, I know it. I can feel it now. More than I did when I was human. Everything is clear to me. ‘’Everything you’ve been told when human is going to happen. Don’t worry, my love,’’ Ines tells me and smiles. She then grabs my hands. ‘’Things just changed a bit when you didn’t empty that girl of her blood. She should’ve been dead.’’ Ines says and kisses me. She wipes away the blood on my lips with her tongue. I smile.





I stand in a ballroom. It’s filled with tables and chairs and decorations. It looks like it’s been prepared for guests. But for what reason? Vampires don’t eat food. Who’s coming to dinner?

Ines stands by my side as Arvid enters. ‘’She’s coming in a moment,’’ Arvid says. Who? I think. ‘’I do the talking! Speak to her and find yourselves without tongues. You only answer questions she bestow upon you,’’ Arvid yells. Ines doesn’t reply. I don’t know what to do. Arvid looks at me with fierce eyes. They scare me. He scares me. The big doors to the ballroom opens and she enters. ‘’Lady Else-Beth of Moonlight City!’’ Arvid says loud. He greets her with a smile, which I find odd. Who is this woman? Arvid made a quick move and we fell down to our knees. ‘’They bow for me,’’ Else-Beth says. Ines looks down. Else-Beth smiles, which irritates me. She already pisses me off. ‘’How delightful.’’ She says. Arvid takes her hand and kisses it. ‘’Welcome,’’ he says. He pulls out a chair for her, but she doesn’t need to sit down. ‘’I can understand you’ve had a rough night?’’ Arvid asks. Else-Beth shakes her head and says: ‘’No, I’d rather say your night has been awful,’’ The lady of Moonlight City says and looks at me. I try not to show my anger, but I know she can feel it. ‘’With the newborn vampire who couldn’t do his job.’’ She adds and walks over to me. ‘’Stand up.’’ She says in a strict tone. ‘’Do you know who I am, newborn?’’ She asks. I look at Arvid. Can I answer her question? My face asks Arvid and he nods, as if he could read my mind. ‘’No,’’ I say and look down. Arvid looks at me. ‘’No I don’t, my lady.’’ I add. ‘’Pity,’’ she says. ‘’I am here to help.’’ I look up at her again. She’s here to help us… why? ‘’Lady Else-Beth is the oldest vampire in Moonlight City,’’ Arvid says. Else-Beth is proud of the words coming from Arvid. ‘’She is also a tracker. They are rare.’’ He adds.

Tracker? Is that some kind of special vampire? It must be. Else-Beth looks at me again. ‘’Because you couldn’t finish off your first blood – which every newborn must – I must help find the person who took her. We can call it my duty as the oldest vampire residing in Moonlight City.’’ Else-Beth says. She turns to Ines. ‘’And you shall help me, because you were the one who found her in the first place.’’ Else-Beth says. Ines looks up.

I really screwed up with this. If only I had finished that girl. I can still remember her face. She was so scared.

She had long blond hair and a pretty face with beautiful green eyes. Oh the eyes. The hair. ‘’Arvid,’’ Else-Beth says. ‘’The sun will shine in one hour. I require a room with a coffin.’’ She sounds tired. The night weakens all vampires. The closer we get to sunrise, the weaker we get, although, if we drink from a human we can stay awake for a few hours. Just as long as we don’t go out in the sunlight. When we sleep, we’re practically dead.

Else-Beth disappears with Arvid. Ines gets up. I look at her. ‘’This is great,’’ I say. ‘’The problem will be solved.’’ I add. I’m actually surprised that Arvid will help us. Ines doesn’t say anything. She looks at the windows. Her face shows no emotion. There is none anymore. Suddenly I feel an anger coming from her. ‘’So what do we do now?’’ I ask.


Ines turns to me. ‘’I help Else-Beth,’’

Ines says and turns around.

‘’And then I kill her.’’


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