Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


2. Chapter 2 - Into Darkness






I enter the room. It's a big and beautiful room. It's Ines' room. I know it, because there's a bed. Ines sleeps in a bed. Arvid on the other hand sleeps in a coffin. I look at Ines. She's beautiful in her red dress. The colour is red; just like blood. I examine the room. In one of the corners I spot something. A body. ''Don't worry,'' Ines says. ''She's not dead.'' I don't really care. Ines looks out of her window but then turns to me. I nod and look at her. I want to hug her, but that's dangerous. Her fangs are out in the open. Her eyes are darkened and filled with a lust for blood. My throat is visible to her, and I can see how she fights the urge. The urge to rip it open and empty me. Empty me for my blood. But now she must do a job, that's hard. Even for a vampire. Resist the blood. She must bite me, but not drink from me. The gene that makes her vampire has to be handed over to me. It's magical, but it can happen. I don't feel afraid. I don't fear Ines. She shows her fangs more, and comes closer. ''Are you ready?'' she asks me. ''Ready to step into the darkness, away from the light.'' My heart beats faster than usual. The body in the corner still doesn't move. Why? Was it important? 
I nod again. Ines knows I'm ready now. Arvid could be here any minute. I am too afraid to ask about the body. ''You will die, André,'' she says and comes even closer. She grabs my face. It looks like she's going to kiss me. I wish for a kiss, but I don't get any. ''And then, you will come back. You shall walk among humans forever.'' She says. I feel shivers down my back. Suddenly I feel her fangs. They barry themselves into my throat, and it doesn't even hurt. I close my eyes and let the magic happy. It feels amazing. Almost like a dream, even though it isn't a dream. I know that. Suddenly I open my eyes and see something. It's a bright light. A warm bright light. I reach out for it but suddenly I feel pain. I'm falling. Falling. I keep falling. It's scary. The light disappears and darkness surrounds me. 




I hear a sound. Someone talking. Someone walking. Where is it coming from? I suddenly realise I'm lying on the floor. My eyes open and I find myself standing up. 

I look around in the room and find myself alone. The body is still in the cornor though. I'm still in Ines' room. I move over to the window and see someone standing outside. It's them I can hear. It's two guards. Vampires. I can hear them. I can smell them. ''Look at you.'' I hear Ines say. I turn around. I breath in the air, and suddenly realise that there's no need. No need to breath. No need to move at all. I can see everything so clearly. I can hear everything so clearly. I feel a warmth inside, even though I'm cold. I'm dead. 

''It feels amazing, Ines.'' I say. I look at the body once again. This time I have no fear of asking. ''What's that for?'' I say. She looks at me. She smiles. I don't smile. Why should I? There's no need to show emotion now. That's another thing I like. Emotions are gone. I feel nothing, yet I feel everything. My love for Ines is still there. She walks over to me slowly as she speaks. ''That thing is your first blood,'' she says. I give her a strange look. ''Drink from her, and the transition will be complete.'' Ines says and her smile goes away. She's serious. Drink from her? Me? ''Drink from her, drink the blood inside. Empty her until she dies,'' Ines says. Her eyes are threatening. She moves closer to me and looks me in the eyes. ''You'll die completely if you don't.'' She adds. 

Ines looks at the body of a dead girl. I look at her too. ''What's her name?'' I ask. Ines looks at me again. ''That doesn't matter. Drink.'' She says. I walk over to the girl. Suddenly Ines stands with me. She grabs the girl and pulls her up. Just like she would a branch. Suddenly my throat feels dry. Ines can feel it. My fangs appear. 
It's intense. 

Ines looks at me. Then I just grab the girl and bite. She screams and it hurts me. It doesn't feel right. 

But then the blood runs into my mouth. It's fresh. It's warm. I like it. I love it. There's so much of it. It keeps coming. The girl doesn't scream anymore.

Suddenly I hear the doors downstairs being opened. Violently. ''INES!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!'' A dark voice screams. I know who it is. Who else would it be? Ines disappears. I stop drinking. The girl falls to the ground. I quickly run outside of the room. 
I come into a big hallway where I see Ines. She's stopped. I move over to her. ''He's back,'' she says. ''Let me do the talking.'' She adds.

Suddenly a large shadows appears. Arvid then stands before us. His eyes are glowing and fangs are showing. He doesn't say a word. I feel Ines shaking. I don't want to grab her hand. Arvid comes over to us. ''You made him vampire,'' Arvid says. He looks at me, as if I was human. Ines can't speak. ''Does this mean...'' A loud noise. A window is smashed. Arvid stops speaking. 
A short pause. 5 seconds pass and suddenly all three of us disappear from the hallway. We move inside Ines' room. 

We examine the room in under 1 second. The window has been smashed. I suddenly realise, that the girl is gone. ''Oh no.'' I say. Ines stares at the floor. ''A vampire isn't supposed to say oh-no. What has happened?'' Arvid asks. Ines doesn't move at all. 

''My first blood,'' I say and look at Arvid. ''She's gone.'' I add. 

A vampire's first blood is sacred. The human from which the blood comes from, will have a special bond to the newborn vampire. If the human isn't killed, then the bond will grow stronger every day. The human must be drained of its remaining blood in order to complete the transition. 




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