Vampire Beginnings ~ The Danican Chronicles

This story is based on two of my beloved characters I created years ago.
André and Ines Danican; two people who love eachother very much, and go through difficult times together.
When André Johnson is turned vampire, he must drink the blood of a random human, in order to complete the transition. The human is then called The First Blood, but the vampire must kill the human. When André doesn't do this and his First Blood suddenly disappears, he's in trouble.
Now he and his maker Ines and her maker Arvid along with the oldest vampire of Moonlight City, they must find The First Blood.
Because when an old enemy returns, the fear of never finding The First Blood is there. And if she's turned vampire, everything will change.


1. Chapter 1 - Moonlight City




Who says that the end is truly the end? Who says the beginning is truly the beginning? It depends on who you ask, because I say, that my ending was the beginning. The beginning of a new life. A better life. A life I deserve more. 


While I sit in my chair, I listen carefully. I listen to all the sounds of the night outside of my little cabin. Because here, out in the woods, it's peaceful. Nobody speaks, but the wind and animals. They are the only things who sing and move in the night. Out here, it's me and only me who can be called human. Because when the wind stops singing, and the animals are at rest, she moves out into the open. She; Ines - Ines Danican. My love. The only thing left in my life, is her. She's special, because she's not alive anymore, yet she somehow walks among us. And how? - you might ask... how? I do not know the answer, but my guess would simply be: Magic. But does such thing exist? Magic? I wouldn't know, because I have yet to experience it. 

But then again, being with Ines somehow feels like magic. It does exist when I am with her. - But when I sit here in my chair, alone, I hear screams coming from the castle not far away. It's her. I try not to think about it, because it brings me such pain, to know, she has to feed off a human. She has to open up their veins and drink what's inside. Blood. She must drink it, in order to survive, and then she lives... forever. I am human, my life isn't as Ines' life. I'm a boring human, with brown long hair, blue eyes and fine clothes. I live in a small cabin out in the woods on the top of Moonlight City Hill. It's a small beautiful town, filled with wonderful people. 

Then there's Ines, who lives in a great castle. The thing is, she can't leave the castle. Because of what she is, she is bound by something. The man who made her what she is, keeps her hostage. Even though she loves him, she is afraid for her life. Because he is her maker, and he decides for her. He can make her do whatever he wants and she must obey; and she does. - She brings him humans, she kills whomever he wants dead, because he's too much of a coward to do it himself. He has the power to do everything himself, but he uses Ines as his slave. I find myself disgusted with the thought, but there's nothing we can do. There's nothing I can do. 

The maker's name is Arvid; an old sweedish vampire. I'd say he's an ancient vampire with the year behind him. Arvid was born 2211 years ago, which makes him a pretty old vampire. And with such age comes different powers. Powers no other vampires have, hence he's practically invincible. I haven't seen the creature myself, but Ines tells me, he's very elegant. His blue eyes and pale skin looks perfect in the moonlight, as it is in that time, he is awake. 

Because of what Ines and Arvid are, they can only be awake during night time, because the sun will kill them; burn them until they are nothing but dust. That is the only way to kill a creature like them, that I've heard of. 

They can easily kill humans, in under two seconds. They can open up our veins and drink our blood until we die. They can rip off limbs, because of their strength. They can rip out our throats with their bare hands. They can bite necks with their fangs. Their strong and sharp fangs. 

They look scary at first sight, but you can only truly see them, when the creatures are threatened. 

And trust me, you do not want to piss off a vampire with fangs. Because that's what they are, vampires. Fierce and hungry vampires, who crave blood to stay alive. 

- Still listening to the sound of screams, I stand up from my chair. I lay my book on the shelf and put on a coat. I then go outside and listen. I know it's Ines who's eating. Even though the thought of her drinking blood from a human scares me, I still get a smile on my lips. I suddenly feel the urge to go see her. My love for her is strong, even though she's a vampire. 

I stand a few metres from my cabin. I can barely see the castle from where I'm standing. It's big, beautiful, grey. And it's placed in the center of Moonlight City. The most wonderful city I know. And I'm proud to live in my little cabin, in this city. 

The screams stop and I wait for a moment. The smile on my lips has gone, but I still feel the urge. The urge to go see her. I can't do it, she's eating. She wouldn't want me to see it. Or would she?
I don't know, and I can't decide. We've talked about turning me into a vampire, 'but for what reason' Ines always says. ''So I can be with you... forever.'' I say and look into her eyes.  


I walk back into my cabin and rest. It's still dark outside, and I lay down; I think about what to do. Shall I see her? I can't decide. 

I blow on the glowing flame, and suddenly the room is dark. I can't see anything. Nothing at all. I decide to go to sleep, but for some reason I can't. Something is keeping me awake. ''Hello André,'' she says. Her voice sounds elegant. Ines is here. I can't seem to find a match anywhere, but suddenly the flame is alive again. Dancing on top of the candle, as if music was playing. ''Are you tired?'' She adds and looks at me. Her beautiful short blond hair glows. She's wearing a screaming red dress, which can't be described with words. She stands there, looking at me. Her eyes are dark with a little bit of red in it. I look at them. I nod, as an answer to her question. ''I can come back later, if you need rest.'' She says. I've waited long enough... ''No, please stay,'' I say. I grab her arm and pull her closer to me. She's not fond of that, I can see. I'm lucky she didn't break my arm because of my quick arm-pulling. 

Vampires react quickly to everything. 

''Are you well fed?'' I ask. I just want to have a conversation going. If she gets bored, she's gone fast. ''Yes,'' she says and looks into my eyes. She moves closer and I know what's coming. Her cold lips touch mine and we share a passionate kiss. ''I've missed you.'' Ines says and sits beside me on my bed. I can taste blood on my lips. It's metallic. 

''I've missed you too,'' I say and kiss her again. Somehow I'm not disgusted with the blood. I feel like I should be. This kiss is longer. I feel her cold hands touching my face. She moves closer and closer. I like this. It doesn't happen often with Ines. These moments are rare. 

''There's something I have to tell you,'' she says and looks worried. I don't say anything. ''Arvid knows about us.'' I become afraid. I feel an urge to shake all over, but I don't. She musn't see me like that, even though she knows I'm afraid. A 2211 year old vampire is something you should fear. ''He made me tell it, because he knew something was up,'' Her voice sounds shakes. She stumbles on the words. 

Arvid didn't know about Ines and me. We had to keep it a secret. And when he finally found out about it, I knew that I had a choice. It was that one condition, if Ines and I continued to be lovers. 
Either be turned into a vampire, or never see Ines again. 

We'd talked about it a lot of times, but this time was the last. I was ready. Ready to become a vampire. Ready to be with Ines the rest of my life. 

Ready to die.




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