The World of Soliece

The World of Soliece is the long-awaited fantasy MMORPG to open internationally by YourFantasma Studio, who were known for the action-packed adventure MMORPG League of Champions. Being a huge fan of both the company and the game, our female protagonist didn't wait until she got off of work to sign up for the new fantasy world of Soliece. Despite being 21 years old, she lives and works mostly for video games and manga rather for rents and foods ( those being second on her list). Even tho she knows very well how unladylike and loser-ish that may be, it wont stop her from her hobbies. Thus, she logs into The Word of Soliece as Faye Prayers, to start her journey. (Some events are based on my true gaming experience.)


9. Self-reflexion

After going through numerous tough enemies and difficult trials, we reached the underwater sea kingdom of Hydra. I don't know about the others but I am so tired. I need a rest.

"Come on, we are right here already, let's finish it off!"

Jinxy was always so impatient. I started to regret my decisions little by little. Not only that, I dragged two of my friends into this mess. They don't deserve to be treated like this. Especially not Io, my little angel.

"Listen, I need a break, we all do. Even if this is a virtual reality, don't you need to get up and eat or go to the restroom or something? My back is so stiff right now I think I might be stuck!

-If you wanted to go to the loo, why didn't you just say so, geez.

-I also need something to eat.

-Yea...I feel a little light headed...we got a safe point here so we'll meet in about an hour alright? I'm signing off."

Io went offline just before Jinxy could say anything. I guess he really was fed up with her constant bullying since he didn't even say 'bye' or 'see ya' like usual. 

"Well, I'm out too, see ya in 1 hour."

Flame followed suit. Now it's just me and Jinxy.


-I better have all of you back in an hour or else I'll terminate your account!"

And she's gone. Wait, she can terminate our account? What the hell is her role on this game???

Ugh, I better log off too, it's been half a day already. Damn...half a day of running around in a virtual world...what am I really doing with my life? I know I always said that all I needed in life was video games and such but I'm a 21 years old single woman working full time on a minimum wage job! How much of a loser can I be? I barely see my friends at all now and the less said about my love life the better. Now that I actually stop to think about it, I'm really pathetic. Argh, stop! I need to pull myself together and face forward in life no matter how bad it is. First of all, I need to get up from my chair, get dressed and go outside to get take-outs for supper! 

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