The World of Soliece

The World of Soliece is the long-awaited fantasy MMORPG to open internationally by YourFantasma Studio, who were known for the action-packed adventure MMORPG League of Champions. Being a huge fan of both the company and the game, our female protagonist didn't wait until she got off of work to sign up for the new fantasy world of Soliece. Despite being 21 years old, she lives and works mostly for video games and manga rather for rents and foods ( those being second on her list). Even tho she knows very well how unladylike and loser-ish that may be, it wont stop her from her hobbies. Thus, she logs into The Word of Soliece as Faye Prayers, to start her journey. (Some events are based on my true gaming experience.)


10. Laguna and Io????

"I know what you`ve been doing. Stop and abandon Jinxy`s request, it`s a waste of your time.


That was the p.m. I received when I logged back in. How did he  knew? Was he spying on us?

"What`s your problem? I do what I want."

After I sent him that p.m., FlameChaos and Jinxy joined but no sight of Io. I see Flame checking his messages. He got one new message from Io.

"He said he`s not feeling well so he won`t be joining us today.

-I see..."

Somehow, I`ve got a bad feeling about this. Io have been acting really odd the closer we got to the completion of our mission. He looked...annoyed. Maybe he never wanted to accompany us? But he was the one who volunteered to join us...

"What`s the matter Faye? You worried about him? Come on, I`m sure he`s fine.

-Yeah, but that`s not what I`m worried about...


-Flame, when I logged in I got a message from Laguna.

-What did he say?

-He told us to abandon Jinxy`request.

-What!? How did he know what we were doing?

-I don`t know...but what`s even weirder is that Io sent a message to you.

-What`s so weird about that?

-What was the time and date did you got his p.m.?

-Let`s see...August 18th 15:54pm.

-Laguna sent me his p.m. August 18th 15:58pm. We are right in front of the dungeon`s Boss room where we have to defeat Hydra to meet Laguna and Io`s not here.


After a moment of silence , Flame and I have reached to the same conclusion.




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