Red Riding Hood, Drenched in Blood

Welcome to the commentary of the 71st Annual Hunger Games!
And there is the end of the countdown. Let the bloodbath begin!
We have a right mix of tributes here, and we predict the winner this time will be Feather from District 1. As you can see, she is currently running towards the cornucopia for her signature weapon, the -
Huh? What's this? She's... dead? Already? And her killer, probably a career or...
Well, I never. Little Red Riding Hood, Johanna Mason is the killer. And she isn't stopping with Feather. Her hood is covered with a different kind of red.
I guess that Johanna isn't Little Red Riding Hood after all; maybe she's the wolf.


4. Bloodbath

The arena was a very warm, tropical rainforest.  The clearing we were in seemed to be cluttered with tiny wildlife. Shame that it was all most likely going to die.


The countdown begins. I still put on my worried face, just in case people were, god forbid, actually looking at Little Red Riding Hood. I scan the metal cornucopia for an axe, and I luckily spot one near the front next to a small backpack. I smile, but I soon spot Elliot Birch eying it too. It makes sense that he would want it, seeing as our District is famous for chopping wood, but I know that really I’m going to end up with it.

37, 36...

I also spot a bow and arrow, and by the looks of things nobody wants it. Ha. They must have left it there for me, as if Little Red Riding Hood would have ever got that far into the games.

24, 23, 22...

My competition looks fierce, but manageable. Feather from District 1 is the predicted winner, and her companion Platinum from her District is second. Lila, Orion, Adrianne and Jordan are the other careers, but I know that none of them would stand a chance with me alone. My only concern is if they gang up on me, and that could prove a problem. Luckily they have only melee weapons, so my axe will get there first when it comes to brawling.


It’s time to shine.

Let the 71st Hunger Games commence!

As the siren goes off I wipe the false, innocent face off and I replace it with my real, determined and ruthless one as I charge towards my axe. Elliot doesn’t even stand a chance. I snatch it and the backpack and then quickly swirl around to have my back against the cornucopia. In front of my face is Feather, the girl from District 1, and her head is crashing on the floor before her knife is anywhere near my body. I pause for a second, letting it all sink in.

I killed a career.

Not any career, at that, but the one deemed most likely to win.

I must be good.

I smirk as the red from her wound hits my body and makes it the better shade of red. No girly, fairy tale red for me. I like the red of the blood that indicates power and defiance. I’m walking away alive and the Capitol is not going to stop me.

I start to take slices at the other weak tributes from the other outlying districts. The boy from 6, the girl from 8, boy from 10... they all fall as I let my axe do the talking. I see the shock on their faces as they realise that Little Red Riding Hood is going to be the bringer of their death. I then think about what the people watching all over Panem must be thinking right now. I think of their shock, and I smirk.

You just watch me Panem. I’m not who you think I am.

I manage to make sure no one gets away from the cornucopia alive with the help of the careers, and as the last body drops to the ground they turn to face me. Their eyes scan over Feather’s dead body as they realise that I’m not who I pretended to be.

“Well played, Johanna, well played” Orion says, now acting as ringleader as Feather, Platinum and Jordan are gone. “We really shouldn’t have underestimated you, although looking back you did quite well at hiding it.” This is when Lila leaps into action. She is very small and agile, and she goes to quickly slash me with her sword, but I am too quick for her. Her body falls in half as I pretend she’s a tree, and then I swing round and take Orion’s torso too. Adrianne turns to run away, but I throw my axe at her back before she can run far. She collapses on top of the boy from 9, and I retrieve my axe, satisfied.

Oh, what I would give to see Panem’s faces at this moment.

“You’re a little bit surprised, aren’t you Panem?” I call to the sky. The cameras must be loving this. “How were you ever to know that I wasn’t so innocent after all? How were you ever to know that ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was a lie?” I spit out the last word like poison. I raise my voice. This needs to be heard. “Turns out I’m not so innocent after all. Well, that’s because I fucking hate these games. What am I meant to do, curl up and die for your amusement? Huh? Because that’s not happening. I’m not playing along with your fucking game. There is no ‘game’ this time, because it’s all going to be too easy. It will be done in a day. And you know what? There is nothing you can do about it. So I’m just gonna wait right here, with all the supplies and the dead bodies and wait for all the tributes to come to me, like a moth to the flame. Who’s laughing now, Panem?” I flash the middle finger to the sky

“Turns out I’m not ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ I’m the wolf.” I let the words ring out across the clearing before lowering my hand. I smile, triumphant, and I waltz towards each dead body, taking their backpacks and making my way to the sheltered cornucopia. These ‘games’ should be a breeze.

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