Giggles: A Batman Fanfiction {Book II in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Harley Quinn thought it was a digestive problem . . . until she realized she forgot to refill the pills. {Joker X Harley. Rated Y for suggested sex, mild language, and some violence}


4. Chapter Four

Harley slowly approached the warehouse that was the Joker's hideout. She did not want to do this, but Red always got her way, and she supposed she was right. Speaking of Red, she was probably at the window by now, watching for trouble. Harley took a deep breath, and entered the warehouse.

The Joker was working on his blueprints at his desk. Harley took another deep breath and approached him. "Mistah J, we need to talk." she announced, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt.

"I thought I told you to get up." Mistah J glared at her, and she stared at the ground like she wanted it to swallow her up. Which, truthfully, she did.

"Mistah J, it's your kid too . . ."

The Joker glared at her evilly. "No, it's not. I might be the father but it is not my child. You told me you were on the pills!"

"I forgot to refill, I'm sorry!" Harley snapped, not using her Brooklyn accent. "Look, Joker, it's your responsibility too. It might not be a miniature Harley Quinn, you know. It could also be a Joker Junior. A little criminal. A second Clown Prince of Crime."

The Joker thought about this for a moment.

Though it might be a little Harley, it could also be like a Mini Me. A second Joker, an heir to his reign of terror. There was a 50% chance that Harley was carrying a son.

"All right, Harley."

Yes, it had better be a boy.

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