Giggles: A Batman Fanfiction {Book II in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Harley Quinn thought it was a digestive problem . . . until she realized she forgot to refill the pills. {Joker X Harley. Rated Y for suggested sex, mild language, and some violence}


5. Chapter Five

"Mistah J, why did I have to come along?" Harley complained. She was eight months pregnant and had been having trouble moving around, so it was a mystery why the Joker had insisted on bringing her along on his robbery of the baby store. March 31st was proving to be a long day.

"You know how kids work better than I do." the Joker snapped in reply. Harley sighed. This might not go all that well.

"Okay, Puddin' . . ." Harley's voice trailed off as they approached the baby store. She felt weird about this one. She sure hoped that the store was empty at this hour of night . . .

The Joker slammed in the doors and immediately shot the guy behind the counter. "Go pick out anything you like, Harl." he smiled at Harley. "Put a mark on it. There's a truck outside, the goons will carry it when we're done here."

Before Harley could get to do anything, though, a certain Caped Crusader entered through the ceiling, probably doing more damage to the store than Harley and the Joker had. Harley, knowing she couldn't help Mistah J at all in this one, immediately hid in a rack of maternity clothes - not the most comfortable position for her, but she didn't have much of a choice.

"Why a kids' store, Joker?" Batman asked. "You're not planning on having a kid, are you?"

The Joker let out a signature Joker laugh, probably just to do it. He hadn't had much of an excuse to laugh since Harley had gotten knocked up. "You'll find out eventually, Batsy!" he replied, pulling out one of his Joker cards and throwing it at Batman, which missed.

The card almost hit Harley, sticking instead to the rack itself. Harley bit back a startled yelp and parted the clothes a little to watch the fight happen.

It wasn't a very long one. The Joker was knocked out within a few minutes. (A/N: I suck with fight scenes, sorry)

"Quinn? I know you're here." Batman announced, looking around the store. Harley grabbed a clothes hanger and threw it at Batman's head. It didn't really do anything but bring attention to her.

Harley went quietly. There was no point in fighting it.

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