Alone at home

Young girl Rosetta, cool funky and kind. Can she face the music that she will have to face???


1. Why?

I hate my life; I never get anything at all out of my life. Hopefully if I’m a different person I would be happier, like that snotty, soppy girl at my school, Sarah. She has a perfect life, both parents are together, she gets everything she wants, ANYTHING!!! Well, I am who I am and no one, unfortunately, can change me into a different person like Sarah or anyone else, can they?

Oh well, I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I? I’ll do it now. I’m Rosetta, and I’m 11. My life is a mess, basically I’ve got split up parents and my mum, after 2 years, is still mourning over my dad’s leave. 2nd of all, I’m a teacher’s pet and have no friends except this really geeky girl called Emily. Her parents are separated aswell. Emily is one of the cool geeks, I mean like, what cool geek would have braces, the GEEKIEST GLASSES EVER, and does ALL their homework the minute they get home from school!


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