Alone at home

Young girl Rosetta, cool funky and kind. Can she face the music that she will have to face???



Enough with that, basically I hate my life. I also LOVE 1D and adore Niall Horan. I had a dream last night where Niall Horan was walking down the road and I was too. I’d had SUCH a bad day at school, Sarah and her ‘followers’ were bullying me. Whatever I did, they found something wrong with it, and when I stood up for myself, they said ‘ooooohhh she’s finally found herself!’ in a REALLY mean way.

I also have a HUGE crush on this boy called Tom. He is easily the hottest boy in the class, only he’s Sarah’s’ boy. Sarah is a hard one to say no to. One day I spent the whole maths lesson looking at him and Sarah noticed. She whispered ‘are you crazy? Tom's mine.’ And she left it at that. I was so afraid she’d tell him I didn’t dare look at him in the eye or speak to him ever again. The only boy in my league to Sarah is Richard, who is very geeky, even more than Emily! Sarah and Richard would be a perfect couple, snooty and geeky works perfectly!!!

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