Summer love


1. Summer lovin

“GIRLS ARE YOU READY?” my mom shouted from downstairs. “Just a minute” i answered while putting last piece of clothes into my suitcase. “Are you ready to have the best summer ever?” i said to Grace. “I am more then ready” she answered even more exited then i expected.

Grace was my best friend since i was five. We met at the language school, where we both learnt english. Since the moment i met her i knew that there was something special about her, i don't really know what but she was not like the other girls i knew. Maybe because she was quite shy and quiet. Through all these years i got to know her so much better and i’m not afraid to say that she’s not that innocent anymore. Of course not, she grew up and changed, actually we both did, which is a reasonable thing after 12 years. I can tell her everything. And when i say everything i mean everything. Sometimes i think she knows me better then i know myself and i’m really satisfied with that.

Yes we are 17 now, the best age if you ask me. You are old enough to do shit but not old enough to be responsible for it. This summer is going to be something special.

I slowly walked down stairs with a huge suitcase in my hands. You can imagine how hard it was for a really clumsy person to walk down really slippery stairs with a huge thing full of clothes and shoes.

We stepped outside and put our bags into the trunk. My mom and dad were already in the car waiting for us. They were not really satisfied, but they’ll get over it. “Are you sure you have everything Taylor? “Yes mom” i sighed.

There was a four hour drive waiting for us before we’ll reach our destination. We were heading to a small town in Croatia, which was wonderful, narrow alleys, not really crowded and that’s what i liked most about it. It was located near the river Krka so there was no sea around. But that’s not something that would stop you from having fun. You could swim in the river too, which most of the people did. We were a bit more complicated. Since the day we bought a flat here we also had a boat, so we could sail to the sea. It wasn’t really big. A yacht with two bedroom, two bathrooms, and a small kitchen connected to the “living” room. But it was just big enough for us and of course for Grace when she was staying with us.

I’m not sure if i introduced myself. My name is Taylor and I am 17 but you already knew that. Both me and Grace go to the sam high school, which is by the way horrible. Like they say these are the worst four years of your life. But not for everyone. Especially not for those perfect gossip girls with their perfect boyfriend. All they do is gossip around and lie about you and of course they make out with their boyfriends so that everyone can see them. They have so much to tell about me because i basically look like a walking potato and yes they make me feel even worse. But that’s enough about those bitches. We are about to have the best summer and i won’t really give a fuck about anything else.

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