Mental (Liam Payne)

Right, I have to get out of here.

And why is that?

Because I'm not mad! How can I be? Everything I see and hear is real!

I agree completely.


Yep. I mean it's not like you hear voices in your head...

No, why would you say that?

No reason.

Oh damn, time for the daily meds.

If you keep skipping them then you will go mad.

No I won't. Your mental...



1. Take a break

I hate the cell. I hate my mum. I hate my brother. I hate my life. I hate you.

What? What did I do?

You torment me.

How do I?

I don't bloody know do I. Your there when I want to be alone and your not when I need you.

Well I'm sorry that I can't baby you. I have other things to do too you know.

Oh yeah? Like what?

Stop arguing! This is getting you no where!

Right, sorry.

"Sky. Are you ready? The Doctor is waiting for you." Someone called through my door.

"Yeah fucking coming." I yelled back.

"Well time to go see Doctor good for nothing." I said.

"Bye then. I will be watching." Storm said. Then her fragile silhouette disappeared like smoke.

I sighed and went to the cell door to wait for it to open. My greasy black hair knotted and hanging to my waist. I look like a fucking nut case in this grey dirty jumpsuit. Who do they think they are putting me in this and locking me in a bloody cell like a dog? Fucking cunts.

Don't cuss.

Shut the fuck up Storm. It's not like you never do it.

No, I don't. Now stop cussing or I will force you to jump of a cliff.


I blocked her out. I ignored her. She pisses me off sometimes. I DONT CARE IF SHE KNOWS WHAT IM SAYING. JUST STAY OUT MY HEAD YOU NUTTER.

Then the door slid open to revile two men dresses up in protective gear and such.

"Good day fellas." I said. I like these guys, their nice. Fucking ugly, which is a shame, but nice.

"Hello Sky. How are you?" Luke asked as he lead me down the hall.

"I'm good tha-" I got cut off.

"SKY IS A FUCKING NUTTER COME FUCK ME YOU SLUT!" Alex yelled from his cell as we past. I ran up to his cell and slammed my fists against the door.

"FUCK YOU ALEX. AT LEAST I DONT FUCK IMAGINARY CHICKS." I yelled in his face. A smirk spread across his face.

"You wanna sit on my dick sometime?"

"Sure. I'll drop in on my way back." I said shrugging.

"Sky, we need to go." Luke pulled on my arm. I left Alex there screaming at me and cussing. Nutter, he really should go to a mad house or something. Oh wait...

Yes. I am living in a mad house. No. I'm not mad. It's a mistake, there is nothing wrong with me. I promise.




We finally came to the doctors office and I entered and slouched in the chair opposite his desk.

"Ahh. Sky. My faviorate visitor." Doc said. I call him Doc cause I can't be bothered to remember his name.

"You bet Doc." I winked. His dick was good that one time. Okay it was every week for about a year. He has a fat dick okay, hard to come by down here.

"Thank you boys, you can leave." I said to Luke and the other guard. They looked at Doc for help.

"Sky's good. You can wait outside. I will press the button if I need help." Doc said. They both left and locked the door after them. They know not to let me wild in this place. I'm 20 by the way, been here six years. Yep. Fun right.

"Sky, how are you?"

"I'm great. Never better. When can I leave?"

"Sky, we talked about this..."

"I know I know. This is my home until the day I die. But can't I just have a day out?"

"There is a day trip tomorrow but I don't think you'll be interested."

"Where? Tell me!" I yelled.

"It's a concert for a famous boy band. You won't know them."

"I don't care if I know them! I want just a day out."

"Okay. I will sign you up. Only if you have been taking your medication though." He pointed a finger towards me. Oh that fat finger could be so pleasurable...

"Of course I have Doc." I lied. Without another word Doc handed me some pills. I put them in my mouth and stored them in the back of my throught. I have a talent for not swallowing things. What can I say?

I think I will describe Doc to you. He is a little taller the. me with short spicy hair, he's cute and sexy but a bit on the cubby side.

"Well done." Doc smiled. I saw a hint of list in his eyes as I smirked and made my tits look bigger.

"Are you teasing me Sky?" He asked.

"Yes. You haven't been to visit me in so long." I smiled innocently. Storm then appeared in the corner of the room watching, looking amused.

I ignored her and stood in front of the desk. I slid the zip of my jumpsuit down to revile my stomach and slid it of my shoulders.

We aren't given shoes by the way. Nor underwear.

"Sky, put your bloody suit back on." He said. Okay, he didn't want it. Whatever, the moment passed.

"Okaydoke." I said as I slid the jump suit back on. I heard a chuckle from Storm in the corner.

"Poor Sky didn't get to fuck for a day." She said. I looked to Doc but he'd oft seem to notice.

"Fuck you Storm." I said loudly.

"Sky? Is Storm back?" Doc asked.

"No, I was just having a flashback. That's all." I lied. If he knew Storm was still talking to me he would know I wasn't taking my meds.

"Okay." Doc then did some blood tests and stuff. Then the guards took me back to my cell where I sat on the floor and played chess with Storm. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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