The Hauting Begins

I just moved in to new house and finds out that it is haunted, and I am trying to reveal the mysteries of the Mary Blares death. I am only 12years old don't judge.


3. The trip to the hospital

 The nurse came running over because of how much pain he was in his eyes were blood shot red and his skin was no longer tanned now it was even more pail than officer Dixon's. The nurse rolled up his pants and looked at his leg look as if she was about to puke but I was wrong she fainted and landed on the floor with a loud crash following after. We all crowded over her. we looked at his leg it was horrible he must of fell when he was thrown across the room although that is what we thought happened. Anyway there was bits of loose flesh dangling of the wound there was loose bits of body tissues hanging out of the wound and the bits of broken bones were spilling out and the actual bone its self was broke.Officer Dixon covered his mouth and took a few paces back. Officer miller's eyes suddenly closed officer Dixon looked as if he was going to cry. He shouted and screamed over officer millers body crying out streams of water on to his T-shirt. He picked up his body and carried it over to a nurse whilst mike took the collapsed nurses body over to the same nurse. She ran over to the two men and told them to follow her. She took them into a room full of beds and sick people she went out of that door at the opposite side of the room leading to another room what was not being used.So she told officer Dixon to put the body on the bed whilst she checked his pulls. She said in a relived voice "he has got a pulls but it is very faint and he might not make it through the remainder of his life because of the amount of blood loss" she sighed and got another bed. She told the mike to put the nurse on the bed. She dabbed a cold damp cloth with something wrapped up in the bottom of it on her fore head. She woke up in no time and got back to work. Officer Miller lay of the bed whilst his dangled of the bed, His body looked lifeless and he looked pale. Officer Dixon garbed his hand softly and pressed it against his chest then his mouth and then his forehead. Streams of tears were still coming from his eyes and his lips were trembling with sadness. He put his hand back on the bed and sat by his side. He was sat there for hours waiting for miller to awaken from his comer. It had been 3 days now and suddenly the machine miller was hooked up to started to bleep. Dixon stood up and covered his mouth and shouted to nurses. He got moved out side while all the nurses of that ward were crowded round him. Slowly they got out a machine with wires attached to it with panels on the other end on the wires(defibrillators). They rubbed the together to make and electric charge and said "clear". All of a sudden you herd a shock of the defibrillators and the a deep breath then a screaming noise. What ever it was it was not Miller it was more or less like a little girl. Me and Dixon looked at each other and ran towards him. We made the nurses move and locked Miller in the room. We told the nurses what had happened and the looked in the room with Miller in there. Out of nowhere Miller climbed up the wall till he was on all fours on the roof and his head turned round and a child's voice said "I told you I will not give up I'm coming for you and I wont give up" She laughed and

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