The Hauting Begins

I just moved in to new house and finds out that it is haunted, and I am trying to reveal the mysteries of the Mary Blares death. I am only 12years old don't judge.


2. The return to my house.

We walked into the house and the blood stains were still there and still leading into the cellar. They opened the door but the body was still hung on the rope. One of them stayed up the cellar stairs and the other cop came down with me the ghost professionals came down whilst the priest stayed up the stairs. Me officer Dixon and the ghost pro's (Mike and Edward) went down to the bottom of the steps and that was when the doors slammed shut with incredible speed so there was no turning back now.  We carried on walking to the centre of the room and the corpse was stood there on a piece of rope. The cops said "is this the girl who is haunting you" I gave a slight nod me face was pale and then turned to a green colour Her name is Mary... Mary blare the only reason I know that is because she told me," I told them. Suddenly you herd multiple screams from behind the door. We all ran to the door and started to bang on it. Unexpectedly we herd a child's laughter and a number of foot steps running across the room into another. All of a sudden the lights went out and you could just make out what a couple of items like the rough outlines of a couple of boxes and the doll what had fell on the floor earlier. suddenly a deep whisper came from behind us saying "hey you want to play hide and clap" then a pair of pale hands covered with blood and scars appeared next to us and clapped. We all screamed and officer Dixon kicked the door open and saw the priest and officer miller on the floor up against the wall out cold. There was blood hand mark down there shirt and robes and have a busted lip and noes bleed and officer millers leg was broken.They  picked up miller  and was about to take him to the hospital until the lights went out and a black silhouette ran across the room whilst doing an eerie laugh. Officer Dixon ran to the lights and switched them on. The room lit up like a light-house and then we all set of to the hospital and dropped of miller.

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