Sage was an ordanary girl. Her parents were normal, her life was normal. Until one fatefull day. Sage and her parents et in a fight Sage runs to her bedroom in the attick of their 3 storie house, opens the window and...


3. Hidding

Sage flew away quikly as she could waving ot her mother. She would miss her. Thougths turned into facts, the one she never let go of was... he betrayed me... the thought of her father betraying her made her sick. She heard helicoptors coming towards her. They were farenough away they couldn't see her, but that got her thinking about the dangers. If I fly high people will see me. She desided to fly low for her own safety. It was getting dark and she was hungry. Thankfully she had herr purse with her. She oped it up and found 5,000 dollars in cash, one of those spend any where gift cards with 10,000 on it and a note that said.

I knew this day would come. Whatever you do don't call me they can track your phone I would destroy it if I where you. Take care of yourself, I love you. 

Sage went as close to town as she dared flying and walked the rest of the way. She poked her head out of the trees and saw a police officer with some poeple. they were to far away to see but she could hear them clearly. "I'm looking for a girl with auburn hair, and green eyes she is 5'6, she should be wearing a black silk dress. Have you seen her?" The police asked the couple. She looked at her self terrified, that was her exact description! She realized that she needed to change her apperance. Sage pulled out her note book and pencil and started wrighting down her list.

Blue eye Contacts

Dye my hair black

New Cloths


She walked over to the nearest hair salon "Le'Hair" She asked for them to dye her hair black. After fialy getting the hair stylist to do it she headed to "Eyecentral" thank fully next door. She bought some blue contacts and put them on in the bathroom. Sage took a cab to some of her favorite stores and bought some new clothing.

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