The Winged Girl

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 2 Dec 2013
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I Never expected to meet her, the pretty girl with the thin white dress and the beautiful wings.


1. The Winged Girl

"No, not again" I whisper. My dad is in the kitchen, drinking. I sneak past the kitchen into the hall, take my jacket and shoes on, and go into the night. I walk down the street, turn left down the little forest road, like I have done so many times before. I walk for what feels like hours, hoping to get away, away from him. After some time I see a bright light. Is somebody else in the forest at 12 pm, I wonder. The light is abnormally bright, and it hurts my eyes. I walk closer, and can finally see the light source. It is a girl. A girl with brown hair, blue eyes, a small, thin, white dress, and a pair of white wings. As I walk closer, I see the girl is crying.

"Is everything all right?" I ask, trying to hide the shock, over seeing a winged girl in the forest.

The girl looks up. "No" she says, "Everything is not all right, everything is terrible."

I can see she is very upset over something, "What happened?" I ask.

"I got thrown out, because i didn't follow their stupid rules" she says.

"What rules?" I ask.

"The rules about how to be a good angel. And half of them is so stupid " she says, "Like I have to have this stupid white dress on, and I have to brush my hair everyday, so I look good. Looks don't matter, but I still need to look good. It is so stupid, and it creates tons of paradoxes.

"It must be so annoying" I say while trying to look serious, but can't help, but smile over her paradox comment.

I am kind of happy, she has stopped crying. I sit down next to her, and place my hand comforting of her shoulder. The second I do that, she shivers and looks like she has just found out how terrible life is. "I am so stupid" she says "You have just run away from your family, and here and i jabbering about my dress"

"How" I say shocked "How did you know that?"

"When you touch an angel, she finds out everything, there is to know about you" she says.

"So you are an angel" I ask.

"Yes" she says.

"You are not stupid for not wanting to wear a dress, you should choose yourself, what you want to wear. Maybe you shouldn't jabber about your problems to somebody, who has a lot. But that do not mean your problems doesn't matter." I say.

"Thanks, you are right" she says with a big smile, "my opinion and problems matter."

"Yeah" I say smiling, which is something I haven't  done for days. 

"Now lets go" she says, and stand up.

"Okay" I say, and also stand up "Where are we going?"

"Up" she says and takes my hand. Slowly we fly up, towards the sky.

Mrs Anna Smith was walking with her dog one day in the forest. Her dog was acting really strange that day, it ran around barking, and every minute it stopped, sniffed, and ran a few meters, before the cycle started all over again. Even though Anna was 20 years old, and ran frequently every week, it was hard keeping up with the dog. But finally it stopped. Anna ran up to the dog to look what it was barking at, and was relieved to see it was just a sleeping girl. But the dog kept on barking, and Anna suddenly got a weird thought, what if there was a reason why the dog was barking. Even though Anna knew it was a crazy thought, she still decided to check, knowing that was the only way to calm down. She placed her hand about two cm from the girl's face, hoping to feel her breath. But there was none. Anna could feel she was beginning to freak out, she quickly open the girls jacket too se if she could feel her heart, but she couldn't. It was first that moment she noticed the white pillbox. She looked inside, there was still a few left. Then she called 112, and told the woman in the phone everything she had observed, the woman told her to try to calm down, they would sent an ambulance as fast as possible. Then the ambulance came and picked up the girl and Anna went home. The next day she called the hospital and asked about the girl and they confirmed what she all ready knew, the girl had killed herself and she was dead.

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