Once Upon A Dream


3. 3



The black limo made its way to Bella’s house; the driver seemed to already know where she lived. It was a small family house on a quiet street, about five minutes from Basil’s flat.

Those five minutes felt like the longest of Basil’s life.

When he arrived at the house, he rang the doorbell nervously. He waited what seemed like another lifetime for someone to answer, his heart pounding inside his chest. When Bella finally arrived at the front door, she looked more beautiful than ever in her pink sparkly strapless prom dress and silver heels. Her hair was tied up in a bun with some little curls hanging down the side of her face.

“Um… Hi,” was all Basil could manage.

“Hi,” Bella smiled back. “You ready to go?”

“Er, yeah,” he replied nervously. He didn’t understand – he was usually quite confident with girls. But something about Bella made him a complete wreck. He briefly wondered if she felt the same as they made their way to the limousine. As they drove off he also wondered where this prom actually was.

Somehow, he guessed the driver already knew.

He was more than a bit surprised – and disappointed if he was honest – when they pulled up outside the café where Bella worked and Basil hung out.

“My school’s on a budget,” Bella explained apologetically.

As they walked into the prom, Basil admitted to himself he liked what they’d done with the place. It was almost unrecognisable. Most of the tables and chairs had been cleared out to create a dance floor. The remaining tables had been decorated with bunches of balloons. More balloons floated gently on the ceiling, and sparkly lights hung round the counter where Bella usually worked behind.

“I’ve never been to a prom before,” Basil admitted.

“Didn’t you have one when you left school?” Bella asked, surprised.

Basil laughed. “Bella, my dear, proms weren’t invented when I left school!”


Bella shook her head in confusion.

“I mean…” Basil said slowly, trying to think of something else to say, to hide his mistake. He saw other couples of girls and boys, some of them dancing, some of them talking. Some of the guys where giving their girls gifts, like flowers.

“I should have brought you something,” he said sadly.

“Don’t be silly,” Bella smiled. “You didn’t have to…”

But before she could finish, her date had already pulled a pink balloon down from the ceiling. He held it out to her. “I know it’s not much but it’s something…” He was more nervous than ever now.

Bella took the balloon and smiled. “That’s so sweet.”

Basil smiled nervously again.

He began to lead Bella over to the dance floor. “Shall we dance?”

Bella took his hand excitedly and they rushed over to the floor, with the balloon bobbing around behind them.


Two hours of music and dancing later they were both slightly gasping for air.

Bella looked at her handsome date. “You wanna go outside?”

Basil nodded. “Best idea you’ve had all night,” he panted.

Bella giggled and they made their way out of the front door of the café. They found a small bench and sat down.

Bella’s eyes sparkled with happiness. “You know, I’ve had a great night,” she said softly, twiddling with the ribbon on her balloon. It was true. She’d never felt like this before. Not with Nick. Not with anyone.

Basil had totally forgotten all about the spell, and that he wouldn’t be the human he was for much longer. He gently took Bella by the hand and put his other hand on her face. She leaned closer and kissed him softly. It was amazing. For both of them.

They broke away from their kiss breathlessly. Bella’s heart pounded fast and she sighed deeply. She was in love with this boy.

But, of course, unbeknown to her, this ‘boy’ wouldn’t be a boy for much longer.

She put her arms around his waist and her head slid gently into his neck. She closed her eyes and smiled. She’d never been so happy in all her life. She imagined their future together, dreaming about what might happen…

“Bella…” Basil said softly. It broke her train of thought and she sat upright, looking into his eyes. “Have you got the time, love?” He’d just remembered he was on a timer and was now getting nervous.

Bella took her phone from her handbag and turned the screen on. 10.25.

Basil panicked. He was enjoying being with this girl so much, but he knew she wouldn’t be interested in him in five minutes’ time, when he was back to his ‘normal’ self again.

Bella saw the look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I… I have to go,” he said and got up off the seat where he was sitting.

Bella was confused. “What? Now?”

“Yes, now!”

“But the prom’s not finished yet! Wait – will I see you tomorrow?”

Basil wondered briefly what to say She would see him tomorrow, of course, in the cafe, but not as she was expecting to.

“Yes! No!... Maybe…” He was getting scared now. Time was ticking on and he had to be out of her sight before 10.30, or everything would be ruined! “Bye… don’t lose the balloon!” he shouted as he ran away.

Bella watched him leave sadly. Then she turned her attention to the balloon floating above her. She pulled it down and held it gently to her, tears falling from her eyes silently.

She had a feeling that was the last time she’d ever see this boy again.

Basil was about half way between the café and his flat, running like mad trying to make it home in time. Just in case Bella saw him. He thought of her for a moment. What now? Would he ever talk to her again? Would she realise in the morning that the little fox who hung out at the café was actually the boy she fell for last night? Or would she just ignore him?

He reached his front door, turned the key, and at exactly 10.30, the spell was broken.

It was over.








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