Shattered (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Francesca is Harry's number one fan. Being a host of his own show, he's got all the charms and smiles, and it seems Francesca has fallen completely under his spell. But what lies behind those smiles and cheesy quotes of some random movies, is a dark trait that has been covered up behind those seemingly innocent emerald eyes. Can Francesca be strong enough or will her knees buckle up and make her leave Harry's life -- for good?


5. Shattered V



  The next day, I had come back home from school after band practice to find that the car is gone. Did Mom went out or something? 

  I went into the house and ran upstairs. I changed into my oversize sweater and grabbed the house phone and dialed Mom's number. After the third ring, she picked up her phone.


  "Mom, where are you?"

  "Oh yeah. I'm sorry,love. I forgot to tell you that Anne and I went to visit her grandparents for a few days. Will you be okay?"

  Why did you even bother asking? You're a middle-aged woman! Surely you'd think that a middle-aged woman wouldn't have thought of that right? But I guess it's right that she tells me anyway. She knows how freaked out I get at things like this - no matter how much I deny it.

  "You're already there anyway, right? So yeah I guess i'm okay."

  "Goodbye Cessa. See you in a few days!"

  And with that she hung up. Young lady, you're being so teenagery right now. Not that it's wrong..

  I grin mischievously as I took the food out of the fridge and lay it all out on the coffee table in the living room and huddled myself in a blanket once i've put The Notebook DVD in the  DVD player. So here I am, sitting on the couch with a mountain of food and a movie to cry over. 

  God I'm so pathetic. 





  That night, I had drifted in between reality and dreams when suddenly my phone rang. I groaned. I took a glance at the time. 12.00 A.M??????

  When I accepted the call, I realized that it was Anne. She was complaining of getting prank calls.   But the problem is, is that it's coming from her house. So she asked me to go check her house for her and what else could I do but agree.

  And now I find myself out in the night in my oversize sweater and sneakers -- because why bother with dressing up at night? -- heading to Harry's house when I could've continued on sleeping until tomorrow afternoon.

  When I finally got there, the house was a mess. There are beer cans everywhere and the house is still booming with club songs and crowded with people. As I step into the house, I start to get self conscious about wearing too less at this public of a place.

  Every heads turned as I got inside and a couple of drunks even made cat calls. I kept my head up as I made my way through the crowd and found Harry sprawled on the couch with a beer in his hand. When he saw me, he gave me a big goofy smile and tried to stand up. 

  "What the hell, Harry?" I exclaimed as I helped him up and grabbed the beer can from him. His expression turned angry. "SCREW OFF!" he yelled and hit me in the face. I fell down on the ground as my eyes rolled to the back. I felt dizzy and everything was vague.

  I could hear and feel as people helped me but Harry stopped them. I could hear him yell for them to leave. What has just happened? Darkness engulfs me and I was left behind a dark void of my eyelids.





  A few hours later, I find myself still on the floor. The dizziness in my head has reduced to mere throbs. I sit up and see that Harry is nowhere to be found. I stand and walked upstairs to find him in his room sleeping soundly.

  I sit on the bed and poked him. My heart was broken when he hit me yesterday but I knew he was too drunk to realize what he had done to me. He turned away from me and groaned.

  "God damn." he says and sits up as he massages his nose bridge. He sat up on the couch and turned towards me. "What the hell are you doing here?" he frowned.

  I kept quiet and stood up. I left him for the kitchen and poured a cup of plain water. I walked back to him and handed him the water. "You were really drunk last night that you hit me."  

  Harry's eyes bulged as he stopped halfway from drinking the water. "W-what? I did?" he put the cup back on the table and stands up. He cups my face in his hands and assessed my face to see if I had any bruises. He sees the bruise on the side of my forehead as I tried to pull away. 

  "I'm so sorry." he says as he lets me go; his face all crinkled. He sits down on the couch and pulled on his hair as he breathes heavily. He stands and walked into the kitchen and came back with a first aid kit. 

  He opens the box and stares blankly at the less-than-helpful contents. Blushing, he stands up as I giggled at the absentmindedness of this hungover guy. He came back with the right thing. A bag of ice. 

  He dabs it on my forehead maybe a little too harshly and I didn't want to moan in pain in front of him, so I chewed on the insides of my cheek and let him do the work. "Cessa?" 

  "Yeah?" My breath caught in my throat as he drags his eyes away from staring at my forehead and instead stared at my eyes. He has very sad eyes. Or maybe that's just the reflection of mine. Whichever.

   "Why did you come here?" 

  "Your mom called me saying that she kept getting prank calls from your house phone and she got worried so she asked me to check on you." 

  His eyes turned furious as he stands up; running his hands through his hair. "Fug!" He said. I held on to the ice on my forehead as I try not to laugh. "Fug?" I questioned. "Yeah." he says; as if it was obvious. As an afterthought, he added, "What?"

  "Nothing." I stifled a laugh. How does he get furious while looking cute? He didn't notice my attempt at trying not to laugh and went on fuming, mumbling incredulously. I sigh and my eyes landed on his arms. 

  Cuts and scars were all over the underside of his arms. 


  He had depression.. I never knew. He went on fuming and didn't notice me. I stand and grabbed his arm and turned it over so I could see the scarred hands clearly. He flinched and pulled it away harshly.

  Taking a few steps back, Harry looked away from me; a locket of his hair hiding his eyes. "Harry.." I said and moved towards him. "Go on." he whispered. I blinked. "What?" 

  "Go on and tell me to get a fugging life and to stop doing this thing to myself and look at me with those pitiful eyes and make me look like the bad person here. Because you know what? My life sucks and I don't want anyone to tell me that frigging obvious thing like I never knew." he snapped. His eyes have now turned to me with fury.

  I start to say something and comfort him but he walked away to his room. I followed him and tugged on his arm. "Stop. Please stop." i begged. He pushed me away and closed the door; leaving me alone in the hallway. 

   I took a deep breath and sat hugging my legs on the cold hallway floor. I waited.







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