Shattered (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Francesca is Harry's number one fan. Being a host of his own show, he's got all the charms and smiles, and it seems Francesca has fallen completely under his spell. But what lies behind those smiles and cheesy quotes of some random movies, is a dark trait that has been covered up behind those seemingly innocent emerald eyes. Can Francesca be strong enough or will her knees buckle up and make her leave Harry's life -- for good?


1. Shattered I

Chapter 1:


Maybe i'm perfectly normal or downright crazy, but here I am. Sitting among the cheering audience, watching my old childhood friend who has now become a television icon that I admire so much, talk to numerous Hollywood stars with his cute British accent.


"Well that regime certainly made you look like you could be the next top model."Harry winks and pats Jennifer Lawrence on the knee. She throws her head back and laughs.

"Seriously? I don't really like or even care about the regime. It's just part of my career." she says and shrugged. 


Harry gives her and everyone else his famous smile and I really don't know how it happened but it did. He saw me. He stared at me for as long as one being on a show could stare. Which is approximately only five seconds. 

That is when I know for sure that I'd really like to get to know him better. Not just as a vague childhood friend or an out-of-league television show host, but as a new person.




"Good morning Mom!" I greet as I walked into the kitchen. Honey-butter pancakes. Mmhm, my favorite. 

"Hey honey. I made pancakes for you." Mom smiled; her eyes crinkling. The pale morning sunlight stream into the kitchen and beam upon the kitchen like we were actually in a Greek heaven. Drizzles of summer rain has splattered down on the windowpanes.

I sat down on the high stool and spin around with my eyes closed as I waited for Mom to serve it on the counter top. I hear the platter of a plate and stop spinning on my chair. 

I start to take a bite while watching Mom as she takes numerous bites across from me due to her failed 'diet' the other day. I watch her tired and wilted eyes that I have always known since I have been delivered to this world.

"Hey Mom? Can I ask you something?" I asked. I stared at the plate holding a quarter piece of a pancake and poked it a few times. 

"Sure, honey. What is it?" 

"Do you, um, happen to know my old playmate Harry Styles?" I looked up at Mom. She's smiling with mischief. Wow, it's just a question, Mom, nothing personal really. 

Oh God, she's going to exaggerate like she always does.

"Ohh, is my little Cessa having a crush on little Edward?" she gushes. Blushing, i said,"No i'm just asking okay?"

Mom laughs. The chiming sound of her laugh vibrates through the kitchen like wind chimes. Mom's auburn hair is cut boy-short and her hazel eyes glow through her eye sockets. 

"Really now? Or is playground playmate turning into bed playmate?" she winks. I gagged. "OhmygodwhatthehellMomwhatthehellohgodohgod." I mumbled with hands covering my face.

"Hey hey relax! I was just joking." she laughs again. And again. And again. Well it's probably until the fiftieth laugh did she stop to reassure me for real.

"Okay fine. Yeah I still visit him and his parents sometimes." she said. I stared at her. "And you didn't tell me?" I glared at her playfully. Well, as playful as being hurt can get. "Thought you were too busy getting tickets and having to do schoolwork." she shrugged as she stands and picks up the plates. 

Wow, all this time i worked my arse off for tickets to Harry's show when in fact I could actually get to meet him for free at his own house?? Bloody hell Mom! I stare at the counter top while Mom washes the dishes. It's quiet now; except for the clatters of the dish and the sound of jet streams of water from the tap.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you,love. Thought you didn't care. I'm going to go visit them again but it's not until next weekend. D'you want to tag along?" she said. Her voice is dripping with guilt and regret. And that's making me feel bad too. I mean, it's just Harry Styles' house visit that Mom didn't tell me about, right? Right?!

I sighed. "No, it's fine Mom. Don't want to be much of a bother while you're hanging out with your friends."

"But Harry'd have someone to talk to while me and his parents chat. He's a darling and he's very cheeky and knows just what to say to us. But he'd certainly love an age-appropriate company." she said as she leans across the counter towards me. I stand.

"No really. It's fine Mom." I say and start to walk to the staircase. I stop mid track before getting to the staircase. I turn to face her still leaning over the counter. 

"I'll make breakfast for you tomorrow, alright?" I promised and gave her a thankful smile. Thankful for her being there when Dad couldn't, thankful for her keeping up with my crap for a good eighteen years, thankful that she didn't close up completely since what had happened and most of all, thankful that she's my one and only Mom.

And truthfully, I would give up a chance to meet Harry Styles for my Mom. Honestly.


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