Dear Dad

Harry Styles died in a car crash at the age of 30, leaving his wife and daughter, Darcy.
What follows is her diary.


11. 26th of June

Harry sat in his car, head in his hands. Violet stood outside in the cold, with a bath robe on. The look on her face was dark, like she wanted him dead. Harry's heart raced; the love of his life was angry at him.

  "I think it's best if you stay at Zayn's tonight." Violet said. "We will talk in the morning." 

Harry lifted his head, and looked into the distance. Not trusting his voice, Harry just nodded and turned on the car. He glanced at his home, where his 9 year old daughter slept peacefully. He pulled out of the driveway, and onto the curb, when he saw Darcy running down the steps. The still night carried her words with force. 

  "Where is daddy going?" 

Harry pressed the pedal down, and took off into the night. His face was red, and tears threatened to pull over. And he let them. Harry was disgusted in himself. Why would he let this happen to his beautiful wife and daughter? He let out a short cry, the feeling in his stomach taking over his whole body. Afraid he might crash, Harry pulled over for a short second. Without turning off the engine, Harry opened the car door and stepped into the snow. 

  "You're so fucking stupid!" Harry raged. "You idiot!" 

He knelt down into the snow, sobbing, whispering words he didn't understand. He always liked talking to himself; it made him aware he was here, and that he was alive. The cold snow clung to his jeans, and he eventually stopped sobbing and calmed down. 

Getting back into the car, he dialled Zayn's number. Zayn answered on the fourth ring. "Hey man, how's it going?"

  "Can I stay at yours tonight? Violet is angry at me." Harry sniffed.

  "Yeah, sure. What's wrong with Violet?"

Harry paused. "She got angry at me for suggesting to move back to London so I could look after my Dad. I told her that if she didn't move with me, I would find someone else and go. I guess she took it the wrong way and she accused me of cheating. Then we got into this massive argument and..."

"Yeah sure, just come down."

There was a voice in the background, and Harry felt guilty, knowing Perrie recently moved in. "Never mind, I can go to a hotel."

 "Nothing will be open at this time, Harry, except of across town. Just come crash here." 

  "No, it's fine." Harry hung up. Why was he so disgusted in himself? He pushed own the pedal and started speeding towards Highway 98. His phone started to ring, but he decided to ignore it. If it was Zayn, he didn't want to answer it. Harry was okay with going to a hotel. It was only 12am, he could find something that would be open. He pulled onto the highway and started speeding. The thin layer of ice and snow on the road made it slippery, but Harry didn't notice.

He wound down the windows, letting cold air rush into his face. Then the car began to slide, the speed picking up. Harry tried to break, but it only made it worse. For a brief moment, Harry had the car under control. Then it flipped. Harry's Jeep flew into the air, and landed on the roof. Harry felt his leg snap under the mangled steel, and he let out a scream. He looked to his left and saw a light pole, and he was heading straight for it. 

Harry was in a state of calm, accepting the fact he would crash and most likely die. The only thought left in his mind was; I didn't tell Violet and Darcy that I loved them.

When Harry's Jeep collided with the pole, the car wrapped itself around Harry. On collision, Harry's head hit the driver's side door with such force, his neck broke, and then...



I wasn't until day break that someone found him, on the side of the road, with the car encasing him. The police visited Violet that hour, who was up with Darcy who had a sore ear. She collapsed, crying about how she was a horrible wife. Little Darcy didn't comprehend it at first, but she would, in time.

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