Dear Dad

Harry Styles died in a car crash at the age of 30, leaving his wife and daughter, Darcy.
What follows is her diary.


8. 22 Years Old.

July 26th.

Hello from Alaska! It's bloody freezing up here! Patrick says hello, too. I wish you could see how much we have done up here in a year. Patrick got us some jobs at this theatre. We are both working on the same job at the moment. And because I'm Harry Styles' daughter, the theatre is booming. The once poor little theatre is now earning more than 1.5 million dollars. Every night its packed, and we even have to do multiple shows in one night. 

We live in this house in the middle of no where, but its surrounded by fields. In summer, we built a little house right at the back of our property and it's a sauna, so when it gets too cold, we can just jump in and sit in the heat. We still have to do some renovations on the house, like a new heating system and a new kitchen for Patrick. And we are going to add in a nursery, because Patrick wants to have a kid by the beginning of the new year. It will have his light brunette hair, and my green eyes and his pretty face and my skin tone, and our ability to dance. I can't wait to start my life. I can't wait to start living, and being a mother and teaching my kids about their beautiful grandparents, and their great aunts and uncles.

Speaking of which, I just found out that both Zayn and Perrie, and Liam adopted a child! How amazing is that! Zayn and Perrie's child is a girl. I think they named her Vera, and she is the most sweetest little girl I have ever met. Patrick and I took a holiday last month to visit them, and she can barely walk. So Patrick had to pick her up whenever we took her for walks. Liam also adopted. He said he always wanted a child and he didn't like the idea of so many children being born and put into adoption. His child is a little boy, and I think he's still deliberating on either calling him Edward (after you, of course Dad) or Hesper. 

Niall and Daria are getting married later this year. Daria wants me to be her bridesmaid. I am just so happy with my life right now, Dad. I can't believe it. But I wish you were still here with me. I always do. I always will. I will tell my children about how wonderful you two are, and how loved you both were. 

Everyone is okay. Even Louis, Dad. He's willed himself to get better. He still lives with Zayn, but he's going to get his own place by the end of the year. He's a lot better than last year. He's not self harming any more, and he has started talking about doing one last tour, in honour of you. He wants everyone to sit on stage and just watch videos of you. And he wants everyone to talk about you and how they loved you. Louis wants everyone to come, as well. All of your friends, and everyone that you were acquainted with.

So, I think he's getting over it. He's going to be fine. Everyone's going to be fine.

Love Always,

Darcy Warnett

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