Thoughts By Night

My Thought By Night


1. I'll never be good enough

Feeling sad, knowing that I'll never be good enough.

My biggest wish is that if you would just look at me once, sending me that smile again, I've seen it, only once, but I feel in love with it. And I'm still falling deeper and deeper in love everytime I see you or when you are writing. 

I miss when we wrote together, even through you never had time and only answered a few times, I still smile like an idiot every time your name appears on my phone or screen, and my world lights up whenever you write to me or talk to me.

Those few times I see you, I'm pretty sure you don't see me, and lucky me, 'cause I smile like a retard and my only thought is to be with you.

The weirdest thing about this whole thing is that you say I can't look bad, you compliment me often, but still you never start a conversation, you answer and comes with a new topic, sometimes. And still I'm in love with you, even through you rejects me every time.

It really feels like I'll never be good enough to you.

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