The Gem Uncovered

Minie ran towards the temple of the sibyls for she had news of great importance to tell, she entered and collapsed at The Grand Sibyls feet. “Oh great sibyl I have foreseen a vision of great destruction upon our land”. The Grand Sibyl snickered at this remark.
After having a vision that is causing her great fear Minie is looking for the solution.


6. Contemnere


“Tenach what is it, what’s the matter” said minie dropping to her knees to be next to him. She reached a hand to his shoulder, he flinched away as if her touch stung.

“She was there!”, he said through gritted teeth, “She was there when I died”

“WHO?” ,  Minie hadn’t realized she’d been crying but her face stung with the salt of tears, “Who are you talking about!”,Tenach stayed unresponsive, wrapping his arms around himself like he was trying to hold together a  broken vase. “Who? Tenach, who?”

Tenach’s voice came out quiet and broken as a small child’s, “My mother was there when I died, she was there-there,” Tenach half talking to himself looked up, “when I got hit she was there, she was the reason I died. She was the reason I ran onto that road. She was the reason. Minie why? Why would she do that?”

 His eyes searched the girl’s face for an answer. But one did not come. “I don’t know Tenach, I don’t know” said Minie with as much sympathy as she could muster.

Tenach got up idly and walked ahead, only to look back towards Minie gesturing her to follow




“Is this it?”, implied Minie looking towards the cave mouth that laid ahead, “ It’s not what I thought it would be”

Then again Minie had expected some monstrous cave covered in bones and filth. But this was large cave that looked somewhat manmade.

“Yes, this is it”, said Tenach looking tired. The dark shadows under his eyes almost seemed to make his amber eyes glow.“See it’s not so scary, plus if you’re scared, bad luck”- there was a mocking tone in his voice-“ we’re gonna sleep here tonight”

Minie looked shocked “what!?”

Tenach smiled and walked towards the cave soon to be engulfed by the darkness, Minie ran after him brushing hair out her face, plunging into the darkness to join him.


Tenach was playing with a stick he’d found while setting up a simple resting area when Minie demanded for him to magick another blanket for the eighth time.

“Tenach, I’m cold”, complained Minie in a muffled voice “can I have another blanket?” she was already wrapped in so many blankets that you only could see the top of her head.

Tenach looked up studiously “Magicks uses energy Minie, and I’m already tired enough”


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