You'll Be The Death Of Me

Loki is banished from Asgard, stripped of his powers and immortality. His harsh punishment is to be cut of from Asgard all together. He will live and die as a mortal.

But what happens if Loki discovers that it isn't just humans that rule the earth.

What happens if Loki is pulled into the supernatural world by accident.

Vampires capture Loki. Will they kill him? Harm him? Or maybe even...turn him?

Loki's whole existence is going to be turned up side down.


2. Unworthy

Loki held his head up high, his face an emotionless mask but his eyes didn't hide the anger as he glared at Odin. 

Loki didn't look at Thor or Frigga either, all his attention was on Odin.

Odin looked at his son coldly.

Loki sneered "What is my punishment then? If its death for mercy sake just swing it"

Loki noticed his mother cringe as she stood at Odin's left.

Odin said warily and tiredly "So willing to die Laufeyson?"

Loki gritted his teeth together and resisted an inpulse to recoil at the name.

Why should he?

He was a laufeyson after all, wasn't he? That name wasn't a lie.

Loki demanded "Willing to get it over and done with, its clear as soon as I'm out of your hair the happier you will be"

Thor said, unable to stop himself "Loki-"

Loki said cooly "I was talking to Odin, not you Thor"

Odin boomed "You will not speak intill you are talked to!"

Loki resisted the urge to step back as the power of Odins voice trembled through the throne room.

Odin said without emotion "You're punishment has been will be creul and without mercy, for all the lives you have destroyed and the realm you tried to take over. You will be sent to Midgard, stripped of your powers and imortality. You will become a mortal. You will be treated as a ordinary primitive mortal. You will be left on Midgard to live and die as a mortal. You are banished from this relm, never to return, even if it is a life or death matter. Heimdall wil not watch you and All ties with us will be cut.

Loki's eyes widened, he couldn't stop the shock, fear and pain from escaping his expresion. Loki stepped back automaticly. His heart thumping hard in his couldn't be true...

Odin leaned in slightly as he looked Loki in the eyes, Odin said "You are unworthy but unlike Thor you won't change, we all hoped in our hearts you would change but you haven't and I fear you never will... you always will be unworthy"

Loki feels tears prickle his eyes. Loki wiped them away furiosly. You always will be unworthy...

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