You'll Be The Death Of Me

Loki is banished from Asgard, stripped of his powers and immortality. His harsh punishment is to be cut of from Asgard all together. He will live and die as a mortal.

But what happens if Loki discovers that it isn't just humans that rule the earth.

What happens if Loki is pulled into the supernatural world by accident.

Vampires capture Loki. Will they kill him? Harm him? Or maybe even...turn him?

Loki's whole existence is going to be turned up side down.


3. No Longer Mattered

No Matter how hard he tried...all his childhood Loki remembered trying to prove he was as good at Thor, as worthy...Suddenly all these memories came back to Loki.

He remembered training each day with weapons, only to be beaton or thrown down in the mud but he'd always try, always get back up again, to try and prove his worth.

He thought He'd be just as good as Thor if he fought with real wepons and trained hard, one day Odin would smile proudly at him, or say I love you...or mabye even show some sort of affection for him? If he tried...

But all the love and affection went to Thor, every week...every day...and he was left to pick at the crumbs that were left for him, like a starving dog.

On his first hunt, he took down a stag, it was a brillient catch, Loki remembered when Thor had taken one down and how Odin had given Thor that proud smile that Loki had always longed for. He'd been so exited when he'd brought it back.

Only to find out that as soon as he said he'd taken the stag down by magic, Odin had been furious saying, the stag should have died with honour and trickery was not seen to be honourble.

Loki then desporatly tried to take down a stag wihout his magic but no matter how much he tried, he couldn' was to quick, to strong...

He had ended up in the healing room with his mother scowlding him for being to reckless, she hardly scowled Thor when ever he was being reckless.

Loki remembered how his magic had started to grow stronger and he'd performed all sorts of tricks to impress Thor and his freinds, hoping to be exepted into the group of friends. Thor had not been that impressed and his freinds had thought him a freak...

Thor had taken a upset Loki to the side and explained slowly why Loki shouldn't do magic in front of his freinds and even though the magic was quite impresive but it quite scary and not that many people liked magic.

Loki remembered how he'd tried so hard to be noticed, prove he should have as much love and affection as Thor did...but each time it was thrown back in his face.

Loki remembered as a child how cheerful and full of energy he'd been. He'd always tried to prove himself but if he didn't suceed he'd try and try again. All of his childhood, he would think positive thoughts. If I work harder I'll get it, If I try harder I'll get that look of day it'll happen but it never did.

As a teenager his thoughts became more negetive as he realised that he still wasn't getting what he always had wanted. The only thing that was his freind and that approved of him was his magic. It hummed and sang inside him.

Filling him with a strength and power he'd never known before. The only time he'd gain attention was when he used it, either to play pranks or defend himself. Loki found out that he could gain respect, not the type of respect he wanted but it would do.

Loki became a very powerful soceror, agaist his family's wish's. Why not play to his strengths? Why not practise the only thing he was good at.

His mother had often assured him he was good at other things to, he didn't have to rely on magic so much. But Loki could never figure it out, what else was he good at that didn't evolve magic? Apart from lying of course.



Unworthy of being good at anything...Unworthy of anything...

Loki felt like Odin had teared every memory of his life in asgard from him them ripped it to pieces in front of his eyes, he no longer mattered...

Everything he had done in his life no longer mattered.

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