You'll Be The Death Of Me

Loki is banished from Asgard, stripped of his powers and immortality. His harsh punishment is to be cut of from Asgard all together. He will live and die as a mortal.

But what happens if Loki discovers that it isn't just humans that rule the earth.

What happens if Loki is pulled into the supernatural world by accident.

Vampires capture Loki. Will they kill him? Harm him? Or maybe even...turn him?

Loki's whole existence is going to be turned up side down.


5. Goodbye


 As soon as Loki fell into unconscious, Thor rushed to his brother.

On Odin's command the guards assured the audience outside.

"Loki? Loki?!" Thor said.

Odin frowned and Frigga demanded at Odin "What happened?"

Odin said looking at Loki as if he was a puzzle he couldn't figure out "It seems I underestimated his magic"

Thor said shakily "I don't understand"

Odin explained "His magic fought back, it was quite easy getting rid of his immortality but his magic on the other hand..."

Thor asked, carefully looking over Loki "So is he mortal now?"

Odin frowned "A mortal with extremely powerful magic, it seems if I took all of it from him it would of killed him"

Frigga asked "So what will you do?"

Odin said "I'll have to block it from him, some sort of blockage in his body they'll make sure he wont be able to use it"

Thor demanded "Why couldn't you block it from the start?"

Odin scowled "A blockage can break"

Frigga asked softly "So there is a chance he may get his magic back?"

Odin said "Not really, well there is a chance, but it is extremely slim and as a mortal he wont be able to control that sort of power, it would destroy him"

Thor snapped "So he could get killed either way?"

Odin said calmly "He will get killed if I try and take away his magic, if I block his magic there is a much bigger chance he will servive"

Thor nodded as he backed away from Loki, he kept on reminding himself this is for the best, this is for the best, he'll never be able to harm you or your friends again. Thor remembered how Loki had attacked midguard, where Jane lived, with that thought he felt his heart harden and he gave a short nod towards his father.

Odin stepped forward then gently touched Loki's skin. Thor watched in awe as suddenly Loki's skin started to glow green and a strange electricity and humming sound joined the air.

Frigga smiled sadly.

Thor asked astonished "What is it?"

Frigga said softly "Loki's magic"

Thor blinked shocked, he never knew Loki had that much magic inside him.

It started to shine brightly, so Thor had to shield his eyes, out of the corner of his eyes he saw his mother doing it to and Odin started to sweat and tire in order to suppress Loki's magic that was practically beating furiously at the block that Odin was stalling inside Loki's body.

Loki tensed and a grunt of protest echoed from his lips, even though he was unconscious Odin knew Loki still could feel what was happening to him.

Odin could feel Loki's energy pulsing and thrashing behind the blockage. Odin realized it was acting on its own accord, as if the magic was...alive. Some stories of Asgard told of Magic being a living thing, a living energy that would protect and kill for its master, serving the sorcerer loyally but...they were just stories, weren't they?

Finally loki's magic dimmed and Odin managed to block it from Loki's mind, core and soul but not without a parting gift. Loki's hands clenched into tight fists and an anguish cry spread from his lips and the magic lashed out at Odin in its last moments.

Odin felt the magic slam into his chest, sending him flying across the hall but as he felt the magic touch him, a wave of emotion pumped through him that was not his...Anger.  It wasn't Loki's emotion, Odin didn't feel anything of Loki inside the magic. All he sensed was an angry energy that did not want to be separated from its master.



Thor and Frigga cried, rushing to his side.

Odin stood up from the floor, stumbling slightly. Looking extremely tired and wary. Thor helped him up "Father, are you well?"

Odin sighed "It took more out of that I thought it would" Odin looked at Loki then winced "That was different from what I'm used to, It is almost as if it is...alive, Thor escort your brother to the bifrost and make sure Heimdall puts him on earth then I order you to never look for him again, you understand me?"

Thor looked like he was going to protest then he bowed his head and said sadly "Yes father" though Thor was thinking, we're not even going to wake him up before he goes? I won't be able to say goodbye? It was a pitiful thought but it overwhelmed him with sorrow and grief.

About 15 minutes later Thor, Frigga stood next to Heimdall and Heimdall pushed Loki through the portal. Thor wiped away a tear that threatened to spill as he whispered choked up "Goodbye Brother"

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