Concert Mistakes

Del(short for Delilah) lives in a small town called Brownsmills, which is in New Jersey With her aunt.her parents just dies about a week ago but When her and her friend Trinity make enough money to go and see their most favorite band, One Direction, Things get very confusing along the way of becoming the worlds best British/Irish boy bands bets friends.


1. Me and Friends!

Del's pov.

         Hi! Im Delilah or del for short. let me tell you a little bit about myself! im 19.I have long blond hair, gumdrop blue eyes with streaks  of gold everywhere, my skin is tanish, and about 5'6.Short, right? Well I live in a small town in New Jersey, located in the U.S of course! My parents recently died in a terrible car accident when a dumbass decided to run a red light. I live with my widowed aunt Trish. My aunt trish looks very young to be 52! She has long brown hair and caramel brown eyes! she is very pail and very skinny and is about 5'9! I work at a local Mall but its a little far. its about 30 min drive from where I live. I have a cat named Angel, and a puppy named Cal. My cat is orange and white or also known as a tabby. my dog is a corgie puppy!(sorry don't know how to spell it)he is brown and white with a spot on his back and tail! My best friends are Ethan and Trinity! Ethan has short blonde hair. sort of like Nialls from 1D!he has brown eyes, tan skin, and is very, very nice. Trinity is very pretty and has cream colored skin with light freakles here and there. her hair stops bight at her collar bone, strawberry blonde, and is very wavey. her eyes are green and yellow, with orange here and there. we all love One Direction too dethhhhh!!!!!!!!

Trinity's pov.

Hi!im trinity!you probly heard all about me so im not gonna ramble on about my life. I work in the same mall as del, in forever 21! my plan is to lock Louis Tomlinson in here so he dosnt turn 22 this month!im soooooo sad because im 19 and not 20. :( well my parents are divorced and I have a younger brother named Nick.he is only 14 and is 5'7 with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He really gets on my nerves sometimes....Oh and love One Direction to dethhhh!!!!!!!! I LOVE one Well that's it I guess about me. see ya laters!

Ethan's pov.

Hi....I guess....Im 19 and am in LOVE with Del.....She is sooooo cool, smart, and pretty.-laughs- she is super cool and fun to hang around with, well back to me. Im about 6'2 and am very muscular. I have a six pack and am very toned. II live ith my dad and three sisters, kiki, macy, and daisy. they are all 13 and are in love with Trinities brother Nick. Ewwww. they are all very similar in features and personalities. they are also very sweet! I live in a ritch family and get almost everything I want, even tho I never ask for anything, I just get it as gifts or surprises every other day. I think I have too much stuff. oh well, ill give some things to Del and Trinity.....welp that's it, I guess....... bye.Oh and I love One Direction. Just like Del....

Nicks pov.

Hey. whats up. okay I really don't care. Yeah im not that nice to strangers I guess....but if you get to know me, im a cool guy actually. I may seem like a stuck up brat, but ist only for attention. im sick of being ignored by everyone I know.Even my own sister for Hell knows why! well im not very popular and love music. I don't do much. I usually read but say im playing video games like normal teens I guess........well im gonna go read.bye I think....


The three sisters, Daisy, kiki, and maceys pov.

EEEEK!!!! NICK IS AT THE POOL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

we all have blonde hair,cgreen eyes and tan skin!AHHHHHHHHH NICK TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eeek!he is sooooo dreamy!!!

Aunt Trish's pov.

-cooks dinner and washes dishes-La de de de dum de de de dum dum dum-humms-



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